Young woman laying on the carpet

Whether someone’s dream home is classic or modern, carpeting is always a good idea. It remains a timeless option for homeowners for its softness, warmth, and aesthetic appeal. Carpets are superior when it comes to noise cancellation and home insulation as well. They’re suitable for creating spaces at home without compromising style and comfort. Also, they can give a house a cosier atmosphere best for family bonding purposes.

Moreover, carpets come in various sizes, colours, styles, fibre types, and brands. They have different characteristics one must consider before choosing among the available options. Some carpets are best for living rooms, private spaces, and shared spaces. Their colours must also match the interior design of the home to keep everything balanced. 

If you have yet to decide on the carpet features you prefer or are still considering other options, Carpet Court offers a range of carpet colours & styles. Read on to learn more about the factors you can look into when searching for the best carpeting for your home.

1. Carpet Colours 

The colour of the carpet is one of the first features one must take into account before making a purchase. Does it match the interior or the theme of the house? The carpet must not be too vibrant nor too dull—instead, it must complement the wall paint and even the furniture. The carpet’s colour should boost the home’s appeal and reflect the homeowner’s taste in home decor.

You must be strategic in choosing the colour of a carpet. This is because carpeting is prone to dirt and stains given that it essentially acts as the floor until it needs to be replaced. Marks from footprints, appliances, and spills will be noticeable depending on its colour. There’s a spectrum of colours available for carpets, including the following: 

  • Dark Grey 
  • Light Grey  
  • Brown 
  • Blue 
  • Gold
  • Purple 
  • Taupe
  • Black 
  • Green 
  • Multi
  • Red

2. Carpet Styles

Different styles exist for carpets as well. What you choose will depend on the look you’d like to achieve in your home.

Cut Pile: This carpet style is one of the most popular choices for carpets for residential homes. You can go for a classic velour look or a long shag pile. This carpeting is manufactured by cutting yarn loops, and it looks more luxurious and formal than loop piles.

Loop Pile: This comes from the traditional Berber style of carpeting. It comes in various patterns and modern textures, so it’s suitable for most homes these days. What’s more, since it can hide signs of wear better than other types, it’s reliable for commercial applications. 

Cut And Loop Pile: As the name implies, the cut and loop pile carpet style is a combination of the two previously mentioned styles. Cut and looped yarns are used to create sculptured patterns. As such, various designs can be achieved using this technique.

Textured: Another popular carpet style is the textured carpet. This is created by combining cut piles with uneven and twisted fibres. Because of that method, the carpet is highly durable against wear and tear, and it can conceal dirt, tracks, and even dents.

3. Carpet Sizes

If you end up not liking any of the carpet sizes you find, you could always go for carpet tiles. It’ essentially tiling, but instead of concrete and porcelain, they’re made out of carpet. Another term for carpet tiles is ‘modular carpets.’ They are square cuts that can be fitted together from wall to wall to create carpeted flooring.

4. Carpet Features

Checking the features of a carpet is among the top tips in choosing the right carpet for your home. There are carpets for every preference and need. Some features have to do with health conditions, materials used, special properties, and essential functions. Carpet features include the following:

Allergy-Friendly: This is best for families with respiratory and skin allergies since the material used is hypoallergenic.

Durable: This feature is for long-term use and commercial application since carpets for such purposes are exposed to heavy foot traffic. There’s a high chance that ordinary carpets will wear out quickly.

Eco-Friendly: This is for individuals who prefer carpets that are made of materials that don’t harm the environment and have gone through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Fade-Resistant: This is meant to retain a carpet’s colour for a longer period than usual.

Heavy Wear: A carpet with this feature is best for commercial establishments. Even if numerous people step and walk on it every day, you don’t have to worry about replacing it often.

Natural Materials: This is ideal for those who aren’t too keen about synthetic carpeting. There’s a significant difference between carpets made of natural materials and synthetic materials in terms of texture.

Stain-Resistant: If you’re in an environment that’s constantly exposed to spills and dirt, this feature is the best choice as the carpet will repel stains and be easy to clean.

Here are other additional features worth checking for:

  • Water Resistance
  • Dent Resistance
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Family-Friendly 
  • Luxury 
  • Pet-Friendly 
  • Trusted Brand
  • Waterproof 

5. Carpet Fibre Types

Carpets are made from fibres. These are the materials cut, woven, and piled up to create one carpet. However, there are many types of fibres with varying characteristics.

Wool: This is a natural fibre that’s warm, luxurious, durable, and renewable. Its beauty lasts longer due to its resistance to getting crushed and soiled. However, these fibres are not as stain-resistant as synthetic fibres due to their absorbent properties. Wool carpet is recommended for noise cancellation and general insulation.

SmartStrand: Manufactured using nanotechnology, SmartStrand carpets have a barrier against spills and dirt. They’re naturally stain-resistant.

Nylon: This fibre has excellent fade resistance properties. Moreover, it has exceptional elasticity and resilience, which is best for heavy foot traffic. 

Triexta: This fibre is eco-friendly, with 37% renewable polymer from corn sugar. Apart from being hard-wearing and durable, it’s excellent in terms of colour fastness, stain resistance, and pile recovery.

Polyester: This is best for those who want a luxurious feel at a lower price since it’s more affordable than synthetic fibre. Although it’s soft and colourfast, it has a shorter lifespan compared to other types. 

Polypropylene: This is a lower-cost synthetic option. It’s suitable for stain, fade, moisture, and mildew resistance, so it’s ideal for rental properties and play spaces. Also, it’s equally good for low-traffic areas. 


With superb carpeting comes great responsibility. After purchasing a carpet with the colour, type, and features of your choice, make sure to take care of it. There are deep cleaning tricks for carpets you can use from time to time for maintenance. No matter the brand, quality, and price, anything will last longer if it’s well cared for.