Save Your Precious Time While Cooking In Kitchen

A woman spends a lot of time in the kitchen. She needs to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if at the same time she still goes to work and she has other household responsibilities, then it isn’t easy to combine such a volume of work. What if you want to eat tasty and healthy food and not eat fast food? How to save time in the kitchen for cooking? Here are some universal cooking tips for 30 to 45 minutes. Of course, there are dishes whose cooking process takes more time, and sometimes you can precisely find the time and devote yourself to the cooking process for a long time.

Following Are The Ideas To Save Your Time While Cooking In Kitchen

1. Plan


Before you go shopping, you should have a clear idea of ​​what you will do with your purchases next, namely, what you will be cooking. Then you do not have to think about what to cook and waste time on these thoughts.

2. Steps to save

Steps to save

Furniture, appliances, and kitchen utensils need to be positioned correctly as this saves time. An intelligent location includes the following:

  • The minimum distance in a triangle between the stove, sink, and refrigerator;
  • The site of the dishes next to the sink and dishwasher;
  • Placing pots and pans between the sink and the stove, etc.

All this allows you to save on walking back and forth and cleaning, since the less you move with food in the kitchen, the less you get dirty.

3.Use sets of dishes

When choosing kitchen utensils, it is better to focus on sets (sets) – it is easier and more convenient to cook food this way. You don’t have to search for the right pot lid or plate in the right shape in a rush. The convenience of dish sets lies in the fact that the manufacturer himself has assembled the optimal dishes for different dishes in one box. Moreover, buying bowls for soup or several words in a set is always an order of magnitude cheaper than buying the same ones by one.

Use sets of dishes

Even if you only need 10 of the 12 items included in the set, it will be cheaper to buy a bunch and give a neighbor an extra frying pan or saucepan. When choosing cookware sets, keep in mind that the lid is usually considered a separate item, i.e., in a group of 8 items, four items will be lids.

4. Use comfortable and sharp knives.

Use comfortable and sharp knives.

A dull and uncomfortable knife is the worst thing a homemaker can have. Cutting salads and meat with such a knife is one torment. That is why the choice of kitchen knives for the kitchen should be given the utmost attention. They should be not only sharp and comfortable but also light. Otherwise, the hand will quickly get tired. 

5. Prepare the base

Prepare the base

Weekends, or whenever you have the most unrestrained time, make a base for salads and instant meals. For example, boil eggs, carrots, potatoes, and other vegetables, chop fresh vegetables: parsley, onions, peppers, lettuce, cabbage, etc. (greens can be stored in this form in the refrigerator for several days). With all these ingredients on hand, you can quickly prepare a hearty salad, pasta, and vegetables or make a side dish for meat or chicken.

6. Keep a supply of water close at hand.

Keep a supply of water close at hand.

Most dishes (for example, boiling soup, potatoes, noodles, stewing meat) cannot be prepared without distilled water. It’s good to have a filter for running water installed – then you need to bring a pan under it. If there is no filter, to save time in the kitchen, you should always have a supply of drinking water on hand. This can be bottled water from a store or pre-boiled water in a jug or other container.

7. Keep essential ingredients nearby.

At a minimum, salt and pepper should always be close at hand, near you. If the kitchen is large, use a few salt shakers.

Keep essential ingredients nearby

The same advice applies to condiments as well. It is best to store them near the stove in separate signed containers or containers – this is much more convenient, especially as they can be stored for a long time in a dry, dark environment.

8. Use frozen vegetables

frozen vegetables

If food needs to be cooked quickly and tasty – this advice will come in handy. Always keep a stock of frozen vegetables on hand in the refrigerator. It is very convenient to hold frozen peas, beans, Mexican or spring mixture. It is enough to throw them in a frying pan. Add, for example, an egg for beans to cook scrambled eggs.

9. Peel and cut vegetables beforehand.

Peel and cut vegetables beforehand

To save time in the kitchen, it is a good idea to peel and cut a whole packet of vegetables beforehand and refrigerate in sealed plastic bags. If you don’t have time or don’t want to mess around with chopping vegetables, many grocery stores now sell pre-chopped vegetables, or you can buy them in the market. It is very convenient to prepare vegetables in advance, and already in the process of cooking, remove them from plastic bags.

10. Garbage collection

Garbage collection

When slicing or peeling something in the kitchen, have a small container for trash on hand, such as a plastic container or tin can. You will put garbage in it, then throw the waste into a large trash bin and wash the container at the end of work. What does it do? You save time walking to the trash can or leaning towards it. You also hold space for cleaning because, one way or another, drops are an integral part of the cleaning process.

11. Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning

When peeling potatoes, place paper (newspaper, food wrap) on the surface over which it is happening. This saves cleaning time. After peeling the potatoes, fold the form with the peels and send it straight to the trash can.

12. Keep your grocery list visible.

Keep your grocery list visible.

The best place is on the refrigerator with magnets or next to it. Encourage family members to add items as they feel like eating. Firstly, it is convenient if someone else is cooking in the house besides you. And secondly, it will save you headaches, which is better to prepare for various menus.

13. Try to cook in the oven more often.

Try to cook in the oven more often.

Experienced homemakers know that learning how to use the oven can save you a lot of cooking time. You don’t have to run and stir anything; make sure it doesn’t go away or burn out. It is enough to cut the meat, put some vegetables on top of it, toss them into a mold, and put them for baking.

14. Do not let dirty dishes accumulate in the sink.

Do not let dirty dishes accumulate in the sink.

Check to see if your dishwasher offers a location where you may put dirty dishes after dining or cooking. If you don’t have a dishwasher, fill the sink with soap and water before preparing food. So, along the way, you will put dirty dishes directly into the soapy water and can wash them in between.

15. Clean while cooking

Clean while cooking

This allows food leftovers not to dry out on the walls of pots and pans and makes it possible to sit down at the table in a clean kitchen. In addition, after eating, you will not want to wash anything anymore; you will most likely want to take a nap, so remove the kitchen surfaces in the process and wash the dishes right away.


This is the best solution if you do not want to stand at the stove for a long time every day. It is best to immediately cook the dishes with pans to be enough for 3-5 days. Thus, you will be freed half of the days of the week from the need to prepare food. You can make a schedule – for example, cooking on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and you can cook the rest of the week as you wish and in your mood.