Industrial interior design transformations are popular for more reasons than just appearing sleek and elegant. They are last pretty much indefinitely in a like-new condition due to how sturdy these renovations are. This industrial chic style comes from taking design elements like wood and metal that was used in industrial spaces and adding them to lofts, homes, and offices.

Many people have been adding small and bigger elements to their spaces. This can come in a form Edison lightbulbs to a reclaimed wood dining table. Metallic accents and exposed pipes are just of the many ways that you can turn your old home into one that has more of a modern touch.

These 3 industrial interior design transformations will leave your space looking fresh and modern.

Industrial Headboard

An industrial headboard is a sturdy upgrade to your traditional bed frame. These can be custom-built to the size you want so you can comfortably lounge in your bed with back support thanks to the addition of the industrial headboard. These can be made solely from metal or they can have a hybrid look with wood for a more natural aesthetic. Create a look that matches the style of your bedroom. There’s so much variety in industrial headboards so you can find a design that ranges anywhere from a rustic to a modern aesthetic.
Industrial Headboards

Recycled Sheet Metal Industrial Art Piece

Recycled sheet metal can be used on any of these renovations, but having recycled metal turn into a piece of art is a statement of its own. It gives the art piece extra depth and meaning that brings attention to the cause of recycling all while giving you a nice modern piece to display. A steel service center can be especially helpful with this project as they can help cuts to recycled sheet metal and assist in assembling your one of a kind piece. Get in touch with your creative side or work alongside an artist to ensure your recycled art piece comes out looking exactly as you want.

Industrial Magnet Board

An industrial magnet board is a more elegant way to display things. Whether you’re looking for an alternative way to display pictures, somewhere other than the fridge to show off your children’s artwork, or just need a place to hang everyday memos, there are endless uses to your magnet board.
Industrial Magnet Board
These are subtle in design but have high functionality that adds a modern feel to the things you want to show off anyway. Don’t forget that they’re simple to use for all your display needs which is always a huge plus.

Industrial interior design transformations may feel a bit overwhelming but they can easily add a modern feel to your living space. Whether you decide on an industrial art piece, headboard, magnet board, or something else entirely, there are all kinds of awesome renovations that you can make with recycled sheet metal so imagine away. You can also look at ways to take old wood pallets and reclaim them to add wooden accents into your home for a low price.