Planning to buy a new home?

Well, this is one of the most exciting moments, especially if you are coming out of renting to owning a home. However, finding a perfect home is the most difficult thing. There are many factors that you need to take into consideration, such as the house size, location, social facilities, infrastructure, and so on, making the search more complicated.

However, there are various ways that you can make your house hunting much easier. For instance, the internet is changing how we do things, and searching for a home is one of them. In fact, 89% of the homebuyers are now relying on the internet to look for a home.
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However, there are key tools that can help you find your dream home. In this article, we are going to 3 key tools that can help you find the house of your dream. They include:

1. Online Address Search

One of the tools that most homebuyers are using for house hunting is the online address search. These are tools that help you look for more detailed information about a property you are interested in, the agent selling the house as well as the owner of the house amongst others.

One thing making online address search popular is their comprehensive report about the item searched. They provide all the details about the person or property you are searching for.

There are many online address search tools you can pick from, but we highly recommend Spokeo. It is an online tool that enables you to do the reverse address search and people search.

What you need is to enter an address to search, and the app will provide detailed information about the property. In fact, Spokeo will not only provide you the information on who lives in that address but also all people who owned the house in the past.
Online Address Search
That is how this reverse address lookup makes your house hunting easy and for free. You can also do a reverse phone number lookup for the owner as well as the agent selling the house using Spokeo to ensure you are not dealing with scammers.

2. Online Maps

When you mention online maps, most people will think about Google maps, which are now widely being used for navigation purpose. However, you can also use the same maps to find the house of your dream. The good news is that you have plenty of companies that are providing online mapping services to pick from.

They include MapQuest, which is the first well-known mapping service. Other reputable companies that offer online mapping services include Yahoo! Maps, Bhuvan, OpenStreetMap, and Bing Maps, amongst others. These sites work with Global Positioning System (GPS) hence their quality and popularity.

With online maps, homebuyers can see the actual location of the house from their smartphones or laptops. With GPS, it simply means you can see everything, including clear images and names of the streets. You will be able to see the entire neighborhood, infrastructure, social facilities, landscaping, exact location of the house, kind of the house, lawns, and gardens amongst other finer details.

All you need is to enter the address, and the online map will provide you with everything that you need to know. So you don’t need to visit the site physically or rely on a third party for information. That’s how easy it is to hunt a house using online maps.

3. Tools To Find A Reputable Real Estate Broker

Last but not least are tools that can help you find a reputable real estate broker. No matter how smart you are, you will need an estate broker or agent to help you with house hunting amongst other transactions.
Tools To Find A Reputable Real Estate Broker
However, the real estate industry is filled with conmen and scammers. That is why it important to work with a reputable real estate broker. Some of the tools that can help you find a good real estate broker include:

  • Zillow Premier Agent
  • RealScoutReel
  • GeeksRedFinLoopNet
  • TruliaHomesnap
  • Propertybase amongst others

Most of these apps provide more than just the best real estate brokers but also blog posts, ebooks, forums, guides, and podcasts, amongst others. They are incredibly resourceful for all your house hunting needs.


If you are planning to buy a new home today, the internet has made it pretty easy for you. You can do most of the house hunting from the comfort of your home or office using these three tools.
The tools will help you avoid scammers, and save you a lot of time that could have been used to visit tens of site. What you need is a smartphone or laptop to search for the house of your dreams.


Olga Andriichuk works as the content manager at Spokeo. Her field of expertise includes business, marketing, and personal growth. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga classes and exploring new destinations.