Whether you want to buy a new refrigeration unit for your upcoming restaurant equipment or you want to replace your old unit, there is no dearth of options to explore when it comes to commercial refrigerators. As a restaurant owner, you deal with a large amount of food which needs refrigeration units with proper storage temperature. With today’s E-commerce giants like AAW Kitchens, you are presented with an array of commercial refrigeration units from where you can choose as per the specific requirements of your restaurant. Moreover, they come in various sizes, shapes, ventilation-types (for the compressor) etc., further extending their range.

Let’s explore various kinds of commercial refrigerators to make it easy for you to choose the one that fits your needs:

Reach-In Cooler/Refrigerators: Keeping beverages cool

Keeping beverages cool
If you are looking forward to buying a refrigeration unit which can be used to store a variety of beverages, reach-in coolers/refrigerators are ideal for you. They consist of several sections in order to ensure maximum storage. Standing upright, reach-in coolers and freezers work best when they are being kept at the back of the restaurant kitchen due to the absence of the heat. Some of these coolers include under-counter freezers, ice cream cabinets and chest freezers as well.

Merchandiser Fridge : Displaying beverages right

Merchandiser fridge is perfect for a non-bar restaurant setting. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and you can choose the best one for your restaurant based on their individual capacities and other specifications. Some of its advanced models come with their ventilation units in the front, making them an apt choice as a display refrigerator. As a result, it becomes easy for the customers to figure out which item to buy. They are also extremely useful for employers as they make the management of stocks easy.

If you have just set up a restaurant in Kuwait and it needs to display a large number of beverages in the form of bottles and cans, you can browse through a variety of merchandiser fridges on renowned online stores like AAW Kitchens. With multiple brands to choose from, AAW kitchens gives you the flexibility of shopping quality kitchen appliances from the comfort of your home.

Refrigerated Prep Tables : An ultimate solution for your dual needs

ultimate solution for your dual needs
A typical restaurant kitchen needs are not just limited to cooking and refrigeration. However, cooking and refrigeration are two of the major activities which affects the quality of your restaurant. Hence, it becomes important for you, as a restaurant owner, to ensure that the aforementioned activities are happening properly. After all, you would never want your customers go back home unsatisfied. To take away all your worries, refrigerated prep tables are here.

If you are looking forward to buying a commercial refrigerated prep table for your restaurant, be clear in your mind about your specific requirements. These commercial refrigerators come in two configurations, namely sandwich/salad tables and pizza prep tables. They both come with the same basic structure but differ greatly with respect to the depth of their cutting board. They also come with large refrigeration areas which are separated using wire shelves. Apart from performing dual functions, they ensure great flexibility and space management.

Undercounter Refrigerators: Small but powerful

Undercounter refrigerators work exactly like the reach-in refrigerators but they come in smaller size. However, their small size does not affect their refrigeration power. They can work as freezers to complement big merchandiser refrigerators. Moreover, their top can also be used as food prep tables. Amalgamating the functioning of a reach-in refrigerator and the size of the prep table, underground refrigerators are perfect for a restaurant.

We believe that the aforementioned list must have cleared your doubts about commercial refrigerators to a great extent So now when you sit and browse the website of AAW kitchens, one of the best online stores for home appliances, to buy a refrigeration unit for your restaurant, you won’t face any difficulty in choosing the right one.