Having a pool in your home adds more than just aesthetic value to your property. It can be a perfect spot for solitary relaxation and a good place to conduct socialization activities. Aside from figuring out how your pool matches your home’s design and architecture, safety and security also play a role in achieving pool house perfection.

A well-planned pool fencing strategy forms an integral part of this protective barrier effect. As diverse as pool styles and shapes are, fences for your pool can also come in various forms. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are the top pool fence ideas you can try out in your own home: Source
Wooden picket fences

  • Wooden picket fences. Keeping up with the rustic trend can be achieved even in the poolside by installing a pool fence made of wood. The slats in between the wooden fences allow air to circulate, giving the pool area a more spacious and breezy feel.
  • Glass fence panels. Frameless glass pool fences give a modern vibe that combines function and style. Compliant with pool safety barrier guidelines, having your pool fence made out of glass allows for a durable barrier without the obstructed view. Since these tempered glass railings have a naturally-smooth surface, they are a good option for keeping children safe. Their climb-resistant panels can help keep kids at bay, while the clear glass allows you to observe your children as they swim, ultimately helping in avoiding drowning accidents.

Wrought iron bars

  • Wrought iron bars. Tall iron bars are also a top choice when it comes to pool fences and gates. These steel fences can give off the traditional feel or adopt a more contemporary appeal. Made of strong materials that can survive harsh weather conditions, iron bar fences can stand stylishly functional on their own or combined with other materials such as wood creating an elegant yet natural look for your pool’s fence.