There are many perks to purchasing a run-down house and fixing it up. Not only is it an opportunity to turn this property into your dream home, but you could also decide to use it as a chance to turn a profit by selling it on when you complete renovations. Although these are all good reasons to invest, taking on a project of this size shouldn’t be done without thorough consideration first, as there is a lot of hard work and money that will go into it. One of the most important things you will need to do is make sure that the property is structurally sound before you take it on, or at the very least, that any of these issues can be fixed. Below are four key structural elements to a property that you need to have inspected before you move ahead with purchasing a house for a renovation project.

1. Foundations

This is the first thing you need your surveyor to look at before you purchase any property. If the foundations are damaged or weak, this could result in the entire house collapsing and makes it too dangerous to live in. You might be able to resolve these issues if the damage isn’t too severe, but if it is too far gone you might be better off demolishing the house and starting from scratch. 

2. Supporting Walls and Columns

These are what keeps the house together, and if they are damaged you might have exterior or interior walls falling. If they are looking a bit worse for wear, there should be things a contractor can do to reinforce these walls or rebuild them if possible. Signs that there might be issues with the supporting walls or columns are if you notice the walls bulging or if they appear to be leaning at a strange angle. Cracks can also be indicators of trouble, but they could also be superficial problems like old plaster that needs redoing, for example.

3. The Windows

Your windows are not only essential components to your house, but they will also play a part in creating the right aesthetics. Always invest in quality windows if you want to keep your energy bills low and to improve your home’s security. If the windows in the property are damaged in any way or their design is outdated, visit specialists like this company that sells windows Sutton Coldfield to find the perfect windows for your home.

4. The Roof

The roof plays a big part in keeping your house together, as well as stopping rain and debris from coming in. It’s very easy to forget about the roof as it’s out of sight of the main living space, but as it is exposed to a lot of things it can get damaged quite easily, particularly during stormy weather. It’s always worth regularly checking your roof for signs of damage, such as exterior light coming in where it shouldn’t, leaks, and even for signs of pests. Bowing roofs are a serious issue and will need replacing by a roofing company in Edgewood Ky.

If you’re planning to renovate a run-down property to either live in or sell on, make sure you get these key structural elements inspected before you complete the purchase.