Indoor plants can dramatically improve the ambiance of your home and add a touch of freshness and liveliness. Arranging them to suit your style can be a bit challenging because not all plants require the same care, for example, some need a lot of sunlight, while others thrive in dark spaces.

Whether your indoor plants are small or big, the fact is a plant-filled home is a happy home. There are endless possibilities of arrangements you can choose from, so we’ll mention some of the best ideas to help you make up your mind.

It might be tough to understand where to begin with Plant care if you don’t know where to start. But you’ll notice all the amazing benefits of being a plant parent once you understand the basics of plant care and establish a routine.

Terrarium kits

Terrarium kits are a great way to bring freshness into your home without much effort. All you need are some basic supplies to build habitats that allow plants to thrive. DIY terrarium kits come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and plant types such as succulents, vines and tillandsia plants.

Some of the most popular are orb and hanging terrariums that contain air plants such as tillandsia which make the terrarium look effortlessly cool. These are sculptural pieces and accessories that will lighten up your terrarium and accentuate its already interesting look.

Hanging plants

Turn your bedroom into a beautiful green space with hanging plants. This is a great way to add greenery without it taking up too much of your space. There are endless varieties of drapey plants or hanging terrariums you can choose from, and they will always look fun and unique.

The hanging plants will give you a full overflowing look and add instant color and texture which will deliver dynamic to your house. Depending on where you hang them, you can always complement them with a little succulent plant near it or some floral art.

Green jungle

If you are a big fan of plants and you want to fill your entire home with them, make sure you know how to combine them right. Not every plant has the same care requirements, so the best thing would be to make a plan before purchasing, so you can decide which ones to put together and which to place alone.

Whether you place them in your entryway or near the balcony door, they will not only serve as vibrant décor but also help fill the space with their natural fragrance. If you are not good at taking care of live plants, you can always buy faux trees and make them look more real depending on where you place them.

Plant corner

Some people prefer a minimalistic décor style, so they usually want a special corner just for plants and not to have them all over the place. You can choose one big plant like a monstera deliciosa and place it near a bookshelf. Later on, you can even add a few smaller plants to make the bookshelves look more vibrant.

One interesting idea would be to use a bar cart to place your plants. No matter where you place it at first, the best part is you can always move it around the house whenever you change your mind.

Shelf plants

Over the years shelves for plants have become very popular and they always look interesting and decorative. You can choose ladder shelves or one big shelf which you can decorate with more than one plant and decorations like books, ornaments, and so on.

You can include plants with colorful leaves or different shapes. For example, place a fountain-like plant such as the dracaena, a squat trailing plant like the pothos, and a tall plant like the fiddle-leaf fig tree, and you’ll get an arrangement with harmony and interest.

Dried plants

Dried stems are for those who love to have houseplants, but are bad at taking care of them. The best part is that they don’t necessarily have to be green. For example, you can place pampas grass that will bring texture and a beachy vibe to your bedroom or living room, without taking too much space.

These are also great for people who are allergic to plants, or have pets and don’t want to risk in case the plants are poisonous for them. You can also place eucalyptus since they have long leafy branches and can be easily combined with other dried plants to look like a flower arrangement.

Final thoughts

There are endless ideas for plant arrangements to complement your décor style, and although challenging, you can start by choosing the best indoor plants depending on the space you’re decorating. The best part is that indoor plants can enhance the mood, set a calming atmosphere, and purify the air.