If you’re planning to renovate your home, redecorate a room or refurnish your favorite space, now is the perfect time to incorporate the latest tech into your plans. By integrating smart devices into your home, you can streamline your lifestyle and even add value to your property. For inspiration, take a look at these four smart devices every home needs and start planning your upgrades now:

1. Thermostats

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is a top priority but keeping energy bills to a minimum should be a key concern too! When you add Sensi smart thermostats by Emerson to your home, you can control the temperature via an easy-to-use responsive display or by using an app on your smartphone or mobile device. As well as making it easy to adjust the temperature in any room, a smart thermostat can reduce the amount of energy you use, which will lower your carbon footprint and save you money!

2. Video Doorbell

A video doorbell allows you to see who is approaching your home in real-time and gives you the flexibility to respond in any way you choose. If you install a video doorbell with voice functionality, for example, you can speak to the person at your door and advise them how long you’ll be, where to leave a parcel, or ask them to call back later. As well as making your life easier, video doorbells can increase your security and make your home safer, which is why they’re a smart device that everyone should have. 

3. Lighting

Lighting is a key part of your décor, so make sure you use it to your advantage. With smart lightbulbs, you can enjoy a wider variety of lighting styles and seamless control over the lighting in any room. As many smart lightbulbs can be used in existing fixtures, it’s easy to upgrade your lighting system and switch to a more intuitive control hub. With increased automation, color-changing bulbs, and exterior add-ons, you can transform your property simply by replacing outdated bulbs with new, smart lightbulbs. 

4. Locks

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home because you’ve lost your keys, you’ll know just how useful smart locks are! Using advanced security technology, smart locks offer keyless entry and use authorized devices, like a smartphone, to recognize when you need to gain entry. Depending on the model you choose, smart locks can also feature keypads to provide additional entry options and can even be linked to CCTV systems and video doorbells for optimal home security. 

Turning Your Property into a Smart Home

New technology can make life simpler, so why not make the most of it at home? With compatible smart tech, you can upgrade and automate multiple aspects of your life. When you have smart devices or appliances, it becomes easier and faster to manage and maintain your property. As a result, you’ll spend less time doing chores and preserving your home and more time enjoying it.