Building a shipping container home is an exciting and modern venture, but it is also not a decision to be taken lightly. Just like any build project, choosing to build a shipping container house is a big financial decision that should be considered carefully, even if it is known to be a money-saving one.

If you are considering taking on a shipping container home build, here are four things you need to know and get to grips with before you take the plunge.

Visit a Shipping Container Home

One essential thing you need to know before you opt to build a shipping container home is whether you will enjoy living there. While it is easy to look at photos online and decide that this kind of home is for you, the experience in real life can be far different. You don’t want to find yourself halfway through the project just to realize you don’t love the home you are building.
Visit a Shipping Container Home
Having a viewing of any shipping container homes that are for sale near you is one way to get the feel of this type of house, but staying in one overnight will give you a much fuller experience. Try searching the internet for B&Bs and vacation homes similar to the kind you want to build.

Know How Much They Cost

Understanding how much shipping containers cost is absolutely essential before you commit to the build. Not only will knowing how much they cost give you an idea of how much the overall build cost might be, but it will also allow you to compare this cost to that of building a regular home.

You should also have an understanding of how much the different types of container cost. The main factors that affect the price include size and use. Though more heavily used containers do cost less, you may be surprised to know that the price difference for a ‘one-trip’ container, one that has been on only one journey (from its country of origin to yours), isn’t all that big.

See the Container Before Purchase

When purchasing a used shipping container, it is absolutely vital that you see the container in person before you hand over any money. If you take the seller’s word on the condition of the container, you could end up with something very beaten up.

Even heavily used shipping containers can usually be used in a build, but you should be careful that you get what you pay for. Make sure that the seller is honest about its state and isn’t overcharging for a damaged container if you are planning on purchasing one used.
See the Container Before Purchase

Know Your Building Restrictions

Depending on where you are in the world (or even within your country), building regulations and restrictions can vary wildly. No matter what kind of build you are planning to set out on, it is important to understand the local restrictions, but this is especially true when it comes to building a shipping container home.

Before you go spending thousands on shipping containers, check that your local area actually allows the construction of shipping container homes. If shipping container homes are allowed, there will also be other restrictions for your country or state. This means that a shipping container home in another country might look very different to one in yours, so you should also keep this in mind before making the final decision.

Just like with any major financial choice, you should think carefully about whether building a shipping container home is right for you before you commit. However, making sure you know and understand these four things will make that decision a more rational one as well as much easier.