Looking for Texas apartments for rent can be such an exciting moment in life. Choosing a new home is a big decision, but finding the right place might be a bit frustrating. You should think about the perfect location, type of property, and other important things you need to pay attention to when settling in a new place. If you’re having trouble figuring out what things you should consider, we’ll provide a few helpful tips for renting properties in Texas that might ease your mind.

Finding the right location

The location is certainly among the most important things you should consider when choosing a new place to live in Texas. There are plenty of great places with good infrastructure, and opportunities for a job and good living, but you need to figure out what suits you best. For example, take Lewisville in Denton Country. It offers its residents an urban-suburban mix feel, has great places to rent, and its public schools are highly rated.

If you’re a household with kids and are looking for apartments near Lewisville TX, you should know that highly-rated preschools and daycare centers are key. Also, if you’re considering a walkable city, Lewisville might be perfect for you since it has a walk score of 20, and a bike score of 40, but errands require a car like any other town in the U.S.

Rental property types

Before moving, it’s important to figure out whether you need a house or an apartment. Depending on your budget, and all other aspects it’s good to do thorough research before deciding on a place. If you’re moving in with kids, or a pet, and are looking for more privacy and a spacious place then it’s best to choose a house. Places with outside areas offer more freedom and are great for your pet to roam. However, consider that houses are usually further away from social areas and work, and also incur higher electric bills.

On the other hand, apartments offer community living and provide many amenities like community gyms, dog parks, pools, etc. Also, apartments provide better locations and most places are at close range to restaurants, cafes, and such. However, they come with sharing walls with neighbors, so you should be mindful of noise. Remember to look for a place that is well soundproofed, or it can be a difficult adjustment.

Affordable rent and deposits

Once you’ve figured out the property type, you should calculate your expenses including utility bills, TV, and phone bills, so you’ll know what can be afforded. Note that there are many up-front costs when renting a place such as deposits and installation charges. You can make a budget spreadsheet and calculate your monthly expenses to see whether what you’re earning would be enough for living. Before giving out a deposit, make sure you fill out an application for rent verifying your credit, rental history, etc. 

Know that an application deposit may be required which will be applied toward your security deposit once your application is approved. Deposits can vary depending on the place, and most application fees and deposits are nonrefundable, so make sure you have enough money to put down. Security deposits help cover any damages or unpaid money you may owe the owner at the end of your lease. They’re used as an assurance to the landlord that the place will be taken once the application for rent is approved.

Signing a lease and renter’s insurance

Once you’ve settled all other documents you must sign a lease. The lease becomes a legally binding document between tenant and landlord, so you must read it before signing it. If there’s anything unclear, make sure you ask all the right questions and even ask for legal advice if you’re not certain about some things.

Remember to check for accuracy on the lease and make sure you view the property before signing the lease. Another good thing would be to obtain renter’s insurance so you can protect your personal belongings in case of burglary, flood, or other catastrophes. Note that this doesn’t cover your personal belongings against loss, but it helps if you’re liable to the owner for certain acts normally covered by insurance policies.   

In closing

Renting a new place is never easy, so you should do your research well and make sure you cover all aspects of what you should do to ensure a secure new home. Also, remember to document all communication with your landlord and always document the condition of the unit you’re renting before you move in. So, pay your rent accordingly and enjoy starting a new life in a brand new place.