Carpets can make or break a room. They are not just part of the decor and ambiance, they are the main center piece around which furniture, tables and wall color should be picked. That is why having beautiful clean carpets is such an important part of loving your living room. Not only that, but cleaning the carpet regularly also ensure that they last a long time. The lifespan of a carpet will be reduced if it is not maintained clean and dry. Clean carpets make the rooms look clean and fresh whereas dirty carpets make the room stingy and uncomfortable. Carpets need not be cleaned daily. Regular periodic cleaning of the carpet helps to keep it clean and fresh and also will enhance its durability. Here are the top 5 tips for keep your the carpet in your living room healthy and clean.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum Regularly
Vacuuming is the best method for regular cleaning of carpet. In normal conditions, carpets need to be vacuumed once in a week. When there is heavy traffic the frequency of vacuuming may be increased. Once in a month the portion of the carpet that are difficult to reach are also to be cleaned using the special attachments provided with the vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming the carpet, thorough cleaning must be ensured. Since the dirt penetrates deep into the fabric just vacuuming once will not be sufficient. The vacuuming must be slow and should cover each part of the carpet a number of times. Soil retardants can be used while cleaning new carpets or the carpet that was cleaned very recently. In order to get rid of the bad odor from the carpet a small quantity of baking soda may be added into the bag of the vacuum cleaner.

Remove Stains Quickly

When the carpet is stained due to any kind of spill, the spot must be removed immediately. The spot is to be scraped or bloated and then a cleaning solution may be applied. The spill should not be rubbed and it is to be scraped from outside to inside so that the spill will not spread. The excess cleaning solution should be bloated. These steps will help ensure the staining material does not penetrate and stain the fabric of the fibers.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Avoid Harsh Chemicals
While it may be tempting to use cleaning chemicals on the carpet because they can be effective. It is not advisable to use these harsh chemicals with any regularity. For starters, they are not good for the health of the home occupants. The material can become airborne and is not good to breathe it in your lungs. It is advisable to leave the home for a period of 24 hours immediately after using any type of harsh chemical treatments for the carpet.

Get Annual Professional Carpet Cleaning

The services of professional carpet cleaners are available for cleaning the carpets of homes, offices and other commercial places. Depending on the type of fabric, most carpet manufacturers recommend that the carpet should be cleaned professionally at least once a year. Thorough cleaning of carpets requires a lot of efforts, time, expertise and specialized equipments. Hence it is all the more important to hire the professional carpet cleaners for this job. Services such as steam cleaner service use a seven step process that is designed to remove all the dirt and dust from deep inside the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning can also be carried out in two methods – light surface cleaning and deep cleaning. In light surface cleaning the carpet is subjected to dry cleaning and shampooing. In the deep cleaning method steam cleaning or hot water extraction method is adopted. When the carpet is cleaned in this method all the soil and dirt that is deposited deep inside the carpet is also removed. Depending on the condition of the carpet one can decide whether the carpet is to be subjected to light surface cleaning or deep cleaning.

It is always advisable to get the carpets cleaned by the professional serviced providers. Thew personnel are trained as well as experienced and they are equipped with the latest equipments for the cleaning works. They make use of mild detergents only to clean the carpet which will not have any harmful effects. These carpet cleaning companies are insured and they guarantee for the safety of all furniture and other equipments in the room while cleaning the carpet.