Moving into a new apartment is not always a smooth experience. Oftentimes, it costs a great deal and may lead to property damage and losses. However, taking the time to understand the basics of apartment hunting and moving can help reduce these losses and make the experience less stressful. Here are five rookie mistakes to avoid in your search for an apartment:

1. Not knowing what you need

This is arguably the most important phase of any house-hunting exercise. You ought to have a plan and know what you need before moving. Take a look around your current home and jot down what you like about it and what you don’t. If you have always wanted a larger living room or perhaps an extra bedroom for your guests, put that in your checklist. Review other considerations such as rental security deposits, parking convenience, and pet policies, and only commence apartment-hunting when you have a clear view of what you need.

2. Not shopping around for decent moving services

Moving services can be expensive, but cost is not the only aspect to pay attention to. There are many more factors that define the credibility of a moving company. A good provider should not only be affordable but also make long-distance moving easy for their customers. They should also possess the right equipment and have insurance coverage for protection against damage and loss.

3. Not ensuring your stuff fits

A common mistake renters make is moving into an apartment whose design severely clashes with their décor interests. Some take it a notch higher by moving into a house that literally doesn’t fit their furniture and appliances. That can be a disastrous mistake as you will have to replace your furniture or forgo the apartment altogether. Always ensure your new place is spacious enough for all your possessions. You might want to take and record measurements for good measure.

4. Settling for the first option

No one likes apartment hunting. However, your detestation for the hassle should not drag you into settling for less. There are plenty of apartments out there, and you can always find the perfect fit for yourself if you have the patience and zeal to review as many options as possible and make a side-by-side comparison. Going with the first offer is not automatically a bad idea, but there is a good chance you will miss out on better apartments relying on a limited range of options.

5. Doing it alone

You know and understand your needs better than anyone, but when it comes to apartment-hunting, you might need help to tick off your list of musts. A reliable real estate agent can come in handy if you are not familiar with a neighborhood or don’t have much time on your hands for proper apartment-hunting.


Finding an apartment that ticks all the right boxes is often easier said than done. It requires an understanding of your needs and awareness of common apartment hunting and moving mistakes. Hopefully, you will be able to shun the above five and face minimal hurdles as you move into your new apartment.