Home is where the comfort is. Snuggling up in a favorite chair with a good book or movie can be the ultimate way to relax. Living in our homes, however, can cause a lot of clutter to build up, making for a stressful situation.

By keeping an organized and clutter-free home, there is more time to enjoy the pastimes that make us happy. Going through all of the things in your home may sound like a scary thought. Getting rid of some of those things is even more frightening.

Putting your house in order doesn’t have to be difficult. With a combination of storage solutions and clutter removal that cleaning services utilize, putting your possessions to good use and keeping them that way can be really easy. Check out these 5 tips to help organize your home.

1. Dual-Purpose Pieces

A lot of the time storage is a question of space saved versus space lost by containers. To cut back on wasted space, a lot of storage solutions have become multi-purpose. Having options of this type allows us to stow away the things we only use occasionally while saving the maximum amount of floor space.

A good item to look at in the living room is a coffee table or end tables. These items are frequently only used for their tops in general practice, but provide a large amount of space for storing things away. By opting for a table that opens to hide away blankets, throw pillows, and other living space pieces, you’ll save on floor space while keeping your room clutter-free.

Bathrooms are especially good places to use dual-purpose items due to their generally smaller nature. All of the counter space is prime real estate for essential items. By combining decorative with functionality, you can save on the space used while maintaining access to the items you use every day.

2. Use the High Spaces

Every home has untapped storage potential, you only need to look up. All the way up the wall to the ceiling, though unconventional places to keep items, can be used for many things that can be hung. Filling corners and spaces above furniture is a good way to clean up the excess from your rooms.

Good items to consider hanging are plants, decorative items, and fabric pieces. Blankets will lay nicely from attractive towel racks, creating an art installation when they are not in use. Other solutions for displaying books or keepsakes can be installed up high to keep them in view, but out of the way.

3. Clothing Clean Up

When thinking about clutter, a lot of times the private places of our homes get forgotten. Closets are notorious for being debris hiding places. Cleaning up those closets will keep these awesome storage spaces functional.
Clothing Clean Up
A good way to pare down a full closet is to turn your hangers the wrong way at the beginning of the year. When an item is used, washed, and re-hung, turn the hanger hook the right direction again. This lets you know if an item has been used; any item still hung backward when the next new year rolls around is something that needs to be tossed or donated.

Plastic totes and vacuum-sealed bags also work well to keep closets in line. This is an especially good tactic, because if you were about to move to a new apartment or house, it would help that everything is stored and ready to go for the removalist to take. Make sure to label your bins so items can be easily found when it comes time to bring them out again. Use a removalist to help with any additional storage that you have to make things go by easier. It would ultimately save you a ton of back breaking work. Items that are used only once or twice a year are best for this type of stashing.

4. Unconventional Uses for Everyday Items

Some items that are used every day in one room, might be completely overlooked for another one. Don’t hesitate to use an item designed for the kitchen as an item for the bedroom. In a lot of cases, these solutions are not only inexpensive but easy to implement.

Although a pegboard is typically found in the kitchen or office, it can be very useful in both the bedroom and the bathroom. Pegboards or corkboards can be used to organize jewelry by hanging necklaces, bracelets, and other items on thumbtacks stuck into the board. Your daily essentials can also be organized by using a pegboard system, where you can keep your purse or wallet, watch, and cell phone all in one place.

In the same way, a pegboard can be moved to another room and used for a new purpose, a kitchen drawer organizer can be repurposed in the bathroom to great effect. Using a utensil arranger in bathroom drawers will allow you to keep hair and makeup essentials neatly put away. Earrings and other items of jewelry can be sorted in this way as well.

Hanging fruit baskets can be used as storage in the bedroom for linens, or for things you’d like quick access to. They can hold wallets, socks, phones, or lotions in the bedroom, or can be used in a front room closet to hold winter items. Gloves, hats, and scarfs can be thrown into these hanging baskets for easy access during the colder months.

5. Hidden Features

Out of sight doesn’t have to be out of mind. You can store things that are important to you out of sight of guests to create an orderly look throughout your home. There are many things that can be hidden using simple decorations.

Putting hooks behind canvas art on a hinge allows for hanging space that is obscured from visitors. Good items to put being your wall art are keys, cords, and small items. You can also use chunky frames to make the pieces that are hung look like the art themselves.


Every home could use with a little decluttering. Getting your home into an organized state is only part of the battle, though. By utilizing tricks that make it easy to keep up, the amount of time you spend searching for items can be minimized.

When your home is in a clean and easy to use state, your stress levels will go down. It’s important to have your comfort zone bring you peace. Get it put together so you can relax.