Deciding to remodel our home can be a big decision, there’s a lot of television shows that make the process seem easy and glamorous. While certainly remodels can turn out lovely no matter who is tasked with the completion, the reason the entertaining shows look so wonderful is that they are overseen by professionals like

When you’re looking to hire the right team of professionals for your remodeling project, it can be overwhelming to seek out the best. Finding an expert carpenter can be challenging, especially if you’re not even sure that a carpenter is the right way to go. The carpenter you’ll hire will be spending a lot of time in your home, so finding one who you like will be key.

Choosing a carpenter over other professionals to remodel your home can bring with it many benefits, from small projects to big projects a carpenter can help you complete them all. If you aren’t sure a carpenter is the right tradesman for the job of remodeling, here are 5 reasons you should hire one for your next big project!

1. They’re Experienced

Once you’ve taken the time to get recommendations from friends, check references, the Better Business Bureau, you can trust that they’ve got the experience necessary for the job to move at a steady pace. Hiring licensed and insured carpenters means that they are ready to tackle whatever project you make have dreamt up.

No matter what project you’re hoping to complete, by hiring a carpenter you and your home will benefit from their talent and years of experience. Would it be possible for you to complete the work yourself? Possibly, but would have to stop and research what you’re doing every step of the way?

A carpenter will know the next step that needs to be taken during a project without a prompt. When you hire a carpentry professional team, you will not only get professional service but you also get all of their talent and experience. They will know how to solve little problems that come up because they’ve seen them before and already know the solution.

With their experience comes the extra benefit of the speed of their work. A good carpenter won’t rush your project along, but their talents will keep your project from stalling so you don’t waste any time getting the kitchen remodel you’ve always dreamed about.

The best part about a carpenter over a general contractor is that they are almost artistic when they work on cabinetry and floors. Because woodworking is a carpenter’s passion you can be sure your project will have a great finished look with excellent craftsmanship.

A good carpenter will also be able to help you stay on the specific timeline you’re expecting. While some delays may be unavoidable, a professional will be able to give you realistic expectations of how long your remodel will take from start to finish. Carpenter’s will use their previous experiences to set up a schedule that works well for both of you.

2. They’ve Got All the Right Tools

Professional carpenters not only come with vast amounts of experience but they also own the correct equipment that you would need to complete a remodel yourselves. With a complete set of power tools and specialty items that would be cost-prohibitive to acquire on your own, hiring a carpenter is almost a no-brainer.

But, not only will your carpenter have the equipment but they will also know how to go about getting all the supplies and materials that will be needed for your project. There are a lot of steps to a remodel and your professional carpenter will know when to order the tile, drywall, and paint so that they arrive on schedule but aren’t cluttering up your home before they’re needed.

While it may seem counterintuitive that hiring a carpenter can also actually save you money, consider the fact that when they order the materials for your remodel that they know the market extremely well and will know where to buy your tile, wood and paint for the best possible price whether that means from a retailer they trust or an online distributor.

The benefit of hiring a professional to be in charge of your remodel means that you won’t have to stress about gathering equipment and materials for every little step. When a professional doesn’t have the exact tool they need, they know just where to get one. Whether a fellow carpenter has what they need or they opt to rent something for a time, this won’t be your concern at all.

Not only will a carpenter come prepared with everything they will need, but they will also know how to use the equipment safely and will also have all the protective gear needed to complete your remodeling project.

3. They Will Follow All the Rules

They Will Follow All the Rules
In order for carpenters to stay licensed, they will have to follow the rules, regulations and zoning laws in your area. Whether your project required permits or not, when you hire a carpenter you won’t have to worry about all the paperwork and legal requirements. They will schedule the inspections that are necessary or at least prompt you to do so.

Because they are skilled a good carpenter will also make sure that your home is protected and the structural integrity remains intact at every stage of the project. No one wants a bathtub crashing into a kitchen or a ceiling collapse due to the removal of a load-bearing wall without a plan in place.

Don’t risk your safety or your home’s structure by winging it or cutting corners By hiring a carpenter to look out for your best interests and how it will affect your home, in the long run, you could potentially save yourself a lot of heartache and problems.

4. They’re Good At Problem Solving

Every good home remodeling show episode has dramatic moments where something unexpected happens. Perhaps there’s unseen mold damage or issue with the subfloor, sometimes it’s even the electric wiring is out of code and a fire hazard. While there’s no guarantee this won’t happen with your remodel, hiring a carpenter is the solution to the problem.

A good carpenter will be looking ahead at the project and on the ball about looking for some of these more problematic issues, so they can tip you off early. Not only will they spot potential problems but they will also know what to do to solve the problem.

Your preferred carpentry professionals will also be able to make recommendations for your project that you may not have considered. Perhaps you’ve got your heart set on a specific flooring material. Your carpenter can spot your big dog and clue you in that the floor you like won’t hold up well over time, and then recommend one that will.

The talent and experience a carpenter will bring to your remodel will certainly benefit you, especially if you should run into problems during the construction project. Having someone who knows what to do and how to handle a problem on your side, makes hiring a carpenter an easy decision.

5. Specialized Services

Carpenters are excellent at a wide range of projects for both your home’s interior and exterior. Hiring the right carpenter can mean that you could complete a few projects at the same time which could be convenient to schedule. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, why not add on that deck you’ve always wanted to have right off the dining room?

A carpenter with a great team can tackle many projects at once and may even offer savings for bundling the work together. This is definitely something to discuss with your carpenter when you’re getting estimates. Most carpenters will offer a free estimate before you hire them so be sure to get quotes for everything you may want to have done!


Hopefully, once you know why a carpenter is such a great choice for your home’s remodeling project you’ll be able to track down a great one in your area. Having a trusted carpenter help you remodel your home will be a decision you won’t regret, with their experience and your ideal vision for your home, you will soon see your dream home realized.