As a Colorado homeowner, you undoubtedly value your home’s interior aesthetics, especially when it comes to the quality of the paint. Over the years, the coating of paint may degrade due to years of humidity exposure from bathrooms or central heating during the snowy winters.

When the time comes to address it, you’ll need to choose a reliable painting contractor to refresh the coating and renew your home’s original beauty. This process is not as straightforward as it may seem. As you’re looking for a professional painting company, you’ll need to avoid these key mistakes to ensure you get the best quality service.

1. Neglecting to Research Your Selected Company Before Hiring

Research is critically important when selecting painting contractors to service your home. Many homeowners spend little time on this step of the hiring process without realizing that they could be compromising their finances, the safety of their homes, and the quality of the paint job.

For example, without prior research, you will not have the opportunity to see what reviewers have said about this company’s work in the past. These reviews may look good on their website and might meet all the necessary qualifications. Some customer reviews may reveal that they have a terrible habit of breaking furniture while they work. Instead of exposing yourself to these risks, do your research beforehand and get an accurate account of the contractors’ professionalism.

2. Forgetting to Ask Critical Questions

Let’s imagine that you have done your research. You have investigated the details of the painting contractor’s work, the types of services they offer, and you have looked at customer reviews. Everything has checked out, and you are ready to hire them for the job. Unfortunately, you are still missing one critical step: the interview.

Even if you have made up your mind that your selected painting contractor is the right choice for your Colorado home, you must ask questions to ensure that they can fulfill the specific job that you are commissioning. For instance, if there are sites of wood rot that must be repaired before the paint job, ensure that the contractor can take care of this beforehand. Without verifying this information, you risk the project being done incompletely.

The ideal questions that you should ask the painting company include:

  • How will you prepare my house for painting?
  • What types of paints do you use?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • What exactly will you and your staff clean up once the project is complete?
  • Do you have a warranty?

3. Neglecting to Give the Full Details of the Project

Remember that you are not the only party in this scenario which must be fully informed of the work. Your chosen painting contractor must have a scope of the upcoming project as well so that they can plan effectively. If you lead your contractor to believe they will only be applying a fresh coating of paint onto your bathroom walls, that is what they will be prepared for. Any painting that you may need on the living room or kitchen walls will be overlooked since you did not alert them to this requirement.

Further, you must communicate the state of your home as well. For any surface that you wish to be painted, review the physical state of that site. Note things such as rotted wood or bubbling, cracking, or peeling paint. This information will help your chosen professional determine what type of prep work must be done before they begin the painting process. The current state of the surfaces that will be painted will influence how the completed coat of paint will look.

In summary, it is best to provide your contractor with as much information about the project as possible. This will allow them to gather the necessary resources to ensure the best possible result for your home, whether the work is to be completed on the interior or exterior.

4. Hiring A Company Because They’re Cheap

Budget-friendly options are enticing. However, in most circumstances, you end up getting exactly what you paid for. If you prioritize cheap service over a high-quality outcome, you’ll most likely sell yourself short and compromise your home’s interior. (This can be especially disastrous, since interior paint is exposed to pressures that exterior paint is not, such as humidity from bathrooms and kitchens.) This is not to say that you should intentionally seek out expensive options. Instead, carefully weigh the pros and cons if you are working with a tight budget.

At times, you may find that the cheapest contractor happens to be the perfect choice for your home! If so, that’s wonderful. Yet, this is not often the case. Consider this: If a company offers lower prices than its competitors, it is unlikely that they’ll be able to provide the same quality service level, as they do not have as many resources as other companies. Hire the most qualified company to paint your home without getting too stressed about the pricing.

5. Not Hiring a Local Painting Company

By no means are you obligated to hire painting companies that work exclusively within your neighborhood. Hiring within your region can be uniquely beneficial for both the company and your home. The contractor can easily navigate to your home when they are available. They may have a bit more flexibility in their scheduling due to the proximity of your home to their business.

This could mean a shorter lead time between getting an estimate for the project and having the work started. Further, any follow-up inspections that must be completed can be easily executed since the contractor is only a few miles away.

As you’re shopping around for your interior painting needs, keep these common mistakes in mind and do your best to avoid such mishaps. Fortunately, you can rely on high-quality painting companies to do their best in helping you steer clear of these blunders. Such companies include the best interior painting company in Denver, Imhoff Fine Residential Painting. Whenever you need a fresh coat of paint for any room in your home – kitchen, bathroom, you name it – Imhoff should be your go-to professionals. Get in touch with the experts today for an estimate on your home renovation.