The year is speedily coming to an end, and it’s good to plan earlier about Christmas gifts to buy your family and friends. Identifying a thoughtful gift for everyone is a daunting experience, and that’s why it’s important to figure out ahead of time about gifts they love.

Since the entry of Covid, many people have been confined in their homes, and buying them IoT devices may enhance their lives. Gifts that can easily connect to the internet, apart from computers and smartphones, may make their lives easy plus less boring.

Remember, even as you bless your loved ones with home devices as Christmas gifts, securing their connectivity with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one step to guarantee safety. Smart home devices connect through the internet, and security is paramount to prevent snooping eyes from accessing your home data.

If you are still unsure what devices you can surprise your loved ones with, here is a list below to help guide you.

Best Smart Home Devices to Gift Your Family

Home automation is here to make your life easy by simply controlling various gadgets using a button. Thanks to technology, and today you can prompts gadgets at home to respond your way while relaxing on a couch. So, here are devices to surprise your loved ones with.

Arlo Q

This is a modern device that you install in your house, and 24/7, you learn what is happening, whether at home or away. The device has a resolution of 1080p and a field view of 130%. Arlo Q gives you the ability to see or hear what is happening at home in real-time.

The device senses movement and sound very fast and then sends you a notification about any new development. The integrated infrared makes it easy for you to see everything at night. It records quality videos at any time of the day or night. Additionally, this device is flexible to schedule, a free cloud storage plan, and affordable.

Google Nest Hub Family

Google Next Hub family or Google Assistant is an alternative to Amazon Alexa and keeps your home warm through uninterrupted sound. You can place the Google Assistant device in any room and comfortably receive every sound regardless of the room’s size.

You can use the device to playback music throughout your home, enquire Google the things you’d like to know, manage your daily tasks, and more. The one with a display can connect you to YouTube videos and other numerous features packed in one device.

LIFX Smart LED Light Bulb

The smart bulb’s introduction is one of the recent innovations that give you control of your lights while you‘re away. LIFX bulbs do not require you to move to a hub or controlling are for them to work. You easily control them remotely and can signal thieves you are still around the house.

Additional advantages of these smart gadgets are the ability to connect with other devices such as alarm sensors. For instance, you can connect the LIFX bulb with CO alarm sensors, and when there’s fire, the bulb turns and then immediately goes full brightness to signal you of danger. Therefore, apart from giving you light plus the ability to control from afar, it can also save a life.

TP-Link Smart Plug Mini

If you want to control the devices plugged on power, TP-Link is the way to go. When you have TP-Link, there’s no need to have another extra hub for it to work because whatever device you plug can successfully turn on/off through the included app.

The gadget allows you to schedule a time for the devices already plugged into it. And when you are away, you can set an away mode to help turn the lights on for some appliances, especially for security purposes. The gadget is designed not to interfere with any nearby outlets.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat

This device is designed to help you save money on energy bills in your home. Using this gadget, you can save over 20% on your power bills per year. The smart thing with this device is the ability to measure room temperature and adjust to the right degree when occupants are there or not.

You can control the gadget using an app regardless of your distance away from home. You can even set voice commands, and it takes seconds to let the Alexa balance the temperature. This gadget can help you save money by controlling heat and bills in your home.


Choosing gifts to surprise your loved ones should never be a difficult experience. Now that many of them are staying indoors, the above smart home devices may enhance their lives at home and when away to control what happens at home with a single button. Although other smart home gadgets enhance your home, these are great choices to gift your loved ones during the Christmas season.