Robot vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular among homeowners who need a hassle-free and convenient method of keeping their floors clean. These advanced devices feature improved technologies to move around your home, picking up dust, debris, and dirt as it avoids obstacles. Among the best robot vacuum cleaner with advanced features like powerful suction, more cleaning modes, plus remote control options is the OKP K5. These robotic vacuums feature a suction power of 2100pa and three adjustable suction power levels. Let’s look at other features that make this device stand out from other models available in the market.


OKP k5 vacuum cleaner cleaning coverage area is 98%. It’s auto clean mode utilizes a “z” shaped effective cleaning path, plus it’s fitted with two side brushes which helps in making it more efficient as it decreases cleaning time. The five different cleaning modes available include random, spot, timed, along-edge, and manual control cleaning.

Moreover, the K5 robotic vacuums feature a powerful suction power of 2100pa with three different levels: powerful, quiet, and standard. Its brushless suction design helps suck hair directly to its 500ml dust box. The hair won’t get tangled; hence suitable for homes with pets. This mini robot vacuum cleaner measures 2.75 inches, making it easy to access around and under furniture and clean up all the dust.

To avoid collision with objects while in action, this device is fitted with an anti-collision system (Free Move Tech 3.0). The technology contains 13 sets of infrared anti-collision sensors and 6D intelligent anti-collision sensors; hence the robot will auto-detect obstacles and adjust its cleaning path. Moreover, drop-sensing technology protects this device from falling on high surfaces or off the stairs. It’s made with quality and strong material, which makes it durable.

Smart Features

Smart App and Voice Control

You can control OKP k5 robot vacuum cleaner via Alexa and Google Home sound commands. With the help of the OKP App, one can remotely control this device to self-charging, view cleaning records, schedule cleaning, search robot vacuum, and perform several other functions.

Search Robot Vacuum

If you cannot find your robot vacuum cleaner, you can control it and produce a sound with the help of the OKP APP.

Low Noise and Long Run Time

This vacuum cleaner operates with a sound of only 60dB, which is a no disturbance to allow you rest. Moreover, with a full charge, this vacuum cleaner operates for up to 120 minutes, enough for a big area coverage. Its huge dust box (500ml) will allow the cleaner to work long before emptying the dustbin.

Anti-Drop Design

OKP k5 robot vacuum cleaner features inbuilt sensors, which help in preventing it from falling from higher grounds.

Anti-Collision Protection

With the help of 13 pairs of infrared sensors, the device will detect the surroundings, decrease collisions and guard your robot cleaner and your other devices, including furniture.


  • Anti-drop design
  • Anti-collision protection
  • Longer runtime
  • Has three adjustable suction power levels
  • Features washable HEPA filter
  • Operates quietly
  • Features a low profile for easy cleaning below the furniture and hard-to-reach sections
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistance
  • Comes with self-charging and timed cleaning features


  • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi only
  • Its wheel can leave a mark on the floor


The OKP K5 robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice for people who require an efficient and affordable robot vacuum cleaner to keep their homes clean. This robot vacuum cleaner has several features that make it suitable compared to other models in the market. These features include improved navigation technology, self-charging, timed cleaning, powerful suction, brushless suction design, etc. Moreover, this device also operates at low noise and offers a longer run time, making it valuable for the price.