If you have come here, surely you have to illuminate a modern living room and as surely you will have heard, one of the key factors that give your home its own personality is lighting, there is no doubt about that. Not only the furniture and small accessories will make each room a special place, but the way to illuminate each corner is crucial when giving the spaces the final touch. In this case we are going to deal with what is possibly the most “important” room of our house, the living room.

You know, you don’t have to change your house completely to give it a new air. With following our ideas to illuminate a modern living room with modern lighting, you are sure to succeed.

Illuminate a “Small” and Modern Room

The first trick is aimed at small rooms. Those in which you still dodge (or collide, in the case of the highest members of the family) with that old ceiling lamp with glass tulips.

What if you change it to a modern ceiling lamp? This will make it give you visual amplitude, making your living room look much bigger than it is. In addition, most of these modern living room lamps already use LED technology, so you will also notice the change in the electricity bill thanks to the savings.

Square, rectangular, round or with much more current and avant-garde shapes such as the ceiling lamp model LASCAS, sophisticated and at the same time modern. It is available in two sizes, made in matt white, which combines with everything and, perhaps one of its most interesting utilities is that you can regulate the intensity with a remote control, so it adapts to any time of the day or situation.
Illuminate a “Small” and Modern Room
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Living Room Lamps that are “Sculptures”

The second idea we give you is to choose modern living room lamps with double function: To illuminate and decorate.

Nowadays living room lamps are not only functional, they also seek to play an aesthetic role. The living area is where we usually receive visitors, so it is the ideal place to give a nice and different touch of light. Among the many options that exist, we show you two precious things that are sure to leave you with your mouth open such as the LEAVY table lamp, a composition of synthetic white leaves and branches that give a feeling of softness and warmth, or the TAKE ceiling lamp , which perfectly matches any table color and that unites modern design with a “vintage touch” so fashionable today.

Lamps that Adapt to the Modern Style of your Living Room

The following idea has a clear purpose: stop to the works. If you have relocated some furniture in your living room and now the dining table is no longer centered with the ceiling lamp, do not suffocate yourself thinking about making more holes or how to “hide” the one you already had. The solution is much simpler and more practical than you think: articulated lamps for displaced light points.

These are useful pendant lamps that, thanks to one or two articulated arms, are easily movable. Some have a capacity of more than one meter of travel from their point of light.
Lamps that Adapt to the Modern Style of your Living Room
A model with many possibilities and with six different screen colors to choose from is the FLAMINGO pendant lamp by Brilliance. This magnificent lamp can “move” horizontally and even adjust in height and turn sideways, thus acting as a ceiling lamp to illuminate the entire room and, with a simple gesture, lower it to illuminate our table during family dinners or with our guests.

Lamps that are Integrated into the Living Room Decoration

All the living room lamps that we have shown you in the previous examples have in common the search to be attractive to the eye, that is, they have been designed to taste and decorate by themselves. But another situation can also occur. And if we want the lamp not to stand out too much? That does not mean that we do not care about the decoration of our living room, but rather that we are looking for another “style”.

If we want to “integrate” the lamp in the decoration, the ideal is to opt for soffits that have been designed to illuminate the living room as if “windows” or “skylights” were treated. An example is the Plane collection by Ole by Fm.

These soffits illuminate the rooms with a light that creates visually wide spaces and adapts perfectly to any type of decoration we have. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes so the dimensions of our room will never be a problem to have adequate light.