PCBs, or Printed Circuit Boards, are the heart of any electronic components. The key purpose of PCBs is to support and connect electronic components through the tracks and pathways. Since PCBs come in a wide variety of types, they are used to serve various functions. From science to technology and from engineering to math, they are used in almost every industry. There are a lot of PCB design services that design and manufacture PCBs of different types. All of them are used in the most common applications mentioned below in this article. Therefore, to learn about them, continue reading. Nowadays, all production activities such as PCB Assembly are inseparable from PCBA, which has laid the cornerstone for the electronics industry.

1. Medical Devices

Since electronics contribute greatly to the healthcare sector, the use of PCBs has become fundamentally significant. Today, the healthcare industry is increasingly utilizing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in devices used for diagnostics, treatment, examining, monitoring, and research purposes. It means the use of PCBs in the medical industry is much more than it is today. These boards are used in CT, CAT, ultrasonic scanners, implants, heart rate monitors, blood glucose, and blood pressure monitors. In addition to these, other medical equipment such as pacemakers and infusion pumps also require PCBs to function accurately. 

2. Consumer Electronics Components

The devices that we use daily are known as consumer electronics. These devices include computers, smartphones, recording equipment, and smartwatches, among many others. All the devices that we use daily, even the refrigerators, require PCBs to function properly. PCB manufacturers like MJS Designs are designing and producing PCBs of almost every size to fit into these consumer electronics. Certainly, the use of PCBs in consumer products is not slowing down. 

3. Industrial Components

The industrial sector, in particular, benefits greatly from PCBs, especially businesses that involve production and manufacturing. The Printed Circuit Boards used in industrial applications should be high-powered and robust enough to endure the harsh conditions in industrial facilities. Some of the examples where PCBs are used in the industry include assembly machines, presses, power supplies, power inverters, and equipment used to monitor pressure and temperature. They enable automation that can not only help businesses to save on costs but also reduce human error. 

4. Automotive Components

In the modern era, the automotive industry relies highly on PCBs to make driving much easier and safer by enabling advanced features. When it comes to the safety features of the car, PCBs are probably the most reliable option to choose from. From entertainment to the navigation system and from stereos to the sensors of the car, PCBs are used to make every feature function appropriately. 

5. Telecommunications Equipment

PCBs are a crucial part of the telecommunication industry. In addition to consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets, they are also necessary for the infrastructure that allows all these consumer devices to work. Depending on the type of equipment, the telecom industry uses PCBs of a variety of types. Some equipment is made for only the indoor environments, while others must withstand outdoor environments. Therefore, PCBs used in these devices are chosen according to the conditions and devices.