There are many things to bear in mind when you’re trying to sell a house. There are fees and costs that seem to pop up out of fresh air, and then there’s all the legalese too. It’s not always the easiest thing you’ll ever do. 

Amid all the stress and strain of real estate matters, you’ll be happy to know there are a few pretty easy things. One of these happens to be a few easy ways to add to your overall profit instead of eating into it. 

The Paint Job

We, humans, make a lot of judgments with our eyes, and once they’re made, we tend to build on those judgments. That’s why it’s extremely important to get the first impressions just right for your sale so that these judgments fall in your favor. You can repaint your  home exterior or if your property is fairly new, you can go with pressure washing services.  Pressure Washing your home is an affordable way to enhance the appearance of your home exterior.

You’ll be surprised just how huge an effect a lick of paint can have on a buyer’s impressions of a home. Pound for pound, a new paint job is the single biggest overall impact your dollar can buy. 

It pays you back many times over, in fact. The cashback effect of applying a new coat of paint is so clear that it’s almost negligent not to do it. Whether you do it yourself or get the painters to come over, it doesn’t matter. 


After the state of the walls, inside and out, the second thing potential buyers will notice is your flooring. Often, we overlook the state of our floors when we’ve lived in a place for a long time, but new folks see it instantly. 

If you have areas where the floor is lifting or places where it’s cracked, you ought to get stuck in there and tear it all up. Depending on the type of flooring you choose to replace it with, it may end up setting you back a few dollars. 

Once again, though, it’s cash that will come back to you sooner than you realize. These are the big-ticket items in terms of the sale price for your home, overall. You simply cannot afford to skimp on these areas. 

Fittings Throughout

Fittings can be another area where a relatively small investment can impress folks. There’s nothing like walking around a home where the fittings all seem new, and this counts just as much for taps and plugs as it does for lighting. 

Installing new light fittings in all the major areas of the house allows you to show them off to good advantage and at every opportunity. Buyers notice this kind of thing, and if you’ve chosen well, the lighting will also improve the appearance of everything else. 

Similarly, bathroom fittings are a biggie. You can turn a tired old tub and basin into a stylish and modern space at a fairly low price. It also lends an air of good cleanliness, which most people find appealing too. 


While you’re in the bathroom, take a look at the tiling that’s there. Tiles can sometimes date very fast, depending on what style they are. If your bathroom tiles have dated badly, they will stand out like a sore thumb, regardless of how nice everything else is. 

In fact, if you’ve spruced up everything else, your tired tiling will stand out even more. Chisel those oldies out, and put up some new ones. You’ll ultimately be very grateful that you did because it’s a small area with a big heft in the minds of buyers. 

The Yard

Realtors talk a lot about “curb appeal”, because people are inclined to make snap judgments which they then stubbornly refuse to let go of. When a buyer shows up at your driveway, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s already begun. 

A scruffy yard is a massive negative for any sale. You can hear the cash falling away from the offer before the car door even opens. If there’s a lot of junk lying around, you might need to get some extra help carting it all away, but it’s usually not that dire. 

Just a day or two of hefty work, and most yards start looking like pleasant and maintained spaces that appeal to buyers´ dreams. Keeping up the appearance like this will normally raise your deal price notably. 

Last Word

A big proportion of a real estate deal is down to surface impressions like these, and while it may seem somewhat silly, it really does pay. It creates a great impression about the property and lets the potential buyers know you’re smart and tidy people. 

It’s these kinds of impressions that make or break all kinds of arrangements in all sorts of human affairs, and it’s doubly true in real estate. It’s very much a first impressions kind of industry, so take advantage where you’re able.