Trimming back trees is not the only outdoor maintenance task you need to do every year. Keep reading for 5 must-do outdoor annual home maintenance tasks.

A little over 64% of Americans own a home. For most people, their home is their biggest investment. But if you want your home to hold its value, maintenance is a must.

Performing routine maintenance means fewer unexpected big expenses. At the least, perform annual home maintenance. The spring is a great time to make this a ritual.

But what sort of home maintenance should you perform?

Keep reading for 5 must-do outdoor annual home maintenance tasks.

1. Inspect the Roof

Unless you know what you’re doing, hire a pro. Have him inspect the roof for damage, potential leaks, and signs of wear.
Inspect the Roof
A small defect or imperfection can lead to big problems down the road if not repaired. Those problems include rot, mold, and pest intrusion. These issues are sometimes expensive to fix.

Repairs are usually all you’ll need. Don’t wait to fix things.

2. Trim Trees, Clean and Repair Gutters, and Inspect Drainage

Choose a proper ladder to trim trees and bushes around your house. Overhanging tree branches can cause roof and gutter problems.

After trimming, clean and repair the gutters. Read more here.
Confirm that gutters are draining properly. Backed-up gutters lead to roof leaks and other problems.

3. Pressure Wash the Exterior and Touch-Up Paint

Pressure wash the walkways, porches, and house siding. Don’t forget to pressure wash the outside of the gutters too.

Be careful not to aim the pressure washer right at the doors or windows. You don’t want to damage the caulking or seals around those areas.
Pressure Wash the Exterior and Touch-Up Paint
Once everything is clean and dry, do any touch-up painting necessary. The paint on the porch usually needs touching up every year.

4. Service the HVAC System

It’s crucial to have your HVAC system professionally checked at least once a year. Twice a year is better.

The spring and early fall are the best times for this home maintenance task.

The air conditioner gets checked in the spring. The heater gets checked in the fall.

Don’t forget to change batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors while you’re at it.

5. Check Foundation Vents

Vents in the roof and foundation are what keep air flowing in the attic and crawlspace. This inhibits mold and mildew growth.

Inspect the outside of the foundation. Remove any leaves and debris that’s piled up around the vents. Make sure the vent screens are in place and without holes.
Check Foundation Vents
Rats and mice can squeeze through tiny holes. Even if the hole looks small, replace the screen.

Don’t Neglect Your Home’s Annual Home Maintenance

It’s important not to neglect annual home maintenance. Your bank account will thank you for not waiting until you have major breakdowns before working on the house.

Inspect your roof or hire a pro. If there are any damages, no matter how small, fix them.

Trim trees and branches, concentrating on branches that overhang the house. Then clean out and inspect the gutters and drain system.

Pressure wash the exterior and touch up paint. Service your HVAC and check the foundation vents and screens.

Now you’re ready for an awesome summer! Looking for more great tips? Keep browsing our blog.