Granite countertops are the favourite of many homeowners and developers since it is a very durable material, and offers a stylish finish to any kitchen.

Whether it is in a residential kitchen or in a commercial restaurant or hotel, granite countertops never fail to make a statement and enable your kitchen countertops to be a focal point in your cooking space.

Granite worktops are timeless and instantly elevates any kitchen.

With so many different countertop options on the market today, like marble, wood or tiles, we are taking a look at why granite kitchen countertops remain the best for any kitchen.

Read on for five reasons to choose granite countertops for your cooking area.

1) Granite countertops elevate any kitchen

Granite countertops bring a certain aesthetic to your kitchen, due to the colouring of natural stones and the sleek shine of the worktop.

Granite will also add financial value to your kitchen and you will get a return on investment and an increase in your house or establishment’s resale value.

Granite has a more natural texture than quartz or marble and will give your kitchen a natural appeal. Other kitchen countertops can look very contemporary and modern, whereas granite goes with any style or decor.

Granite countertops are available in more than twenty different colours, so you can know that you will find a colour to suit your style and give your space a gorgeous appearance.

If you shop around or do your research, you’ll find a colour that complements your existing palette.

2) Granite countertops are durable

Granite is durable and heat resistant, making it the perfect material for a kitchen.

You can use the countertop to chop produce or place a hot pan directly on it, without being concerned about damage to the countertop.

Durable granite is almost impossible to chip, even if you drop something on it. Sealed granite will resist staining, and negates the use of a cutting board as you can simply use a soft cloth to wipe down the counter after use.

3) Granite is Easily Repairable

Although granite is durable, you may drop an extremely heavy object on it, like a cast iron pot, which could result in chipping or denting the worktop.

Fortunately, professionals are able to quickly repair any chips, dents or cracks by using a specially designed and coloured putty that will hide any marks.

4) Granite Worktops Are Resistant To Bacteria

One of the main reasons to choose granite is that it is resistant to bacterial infections.

Once a countertop is sealed, it no longer has any pours, meaning bacteria and other germs cannot penetrate your working surface.

Kitchens tend to collect a lot of dirt and germs, so having a counter that is properly sealed and rock hard will keep your kitchen clean and healthy.

5) Granite is Eco-friendly

There is an increasing demand for competitively priced eco-friendly materials for homes, and granite offers a very cost-effective solution.

As a natural stone that does not undergo any processing to give it that beautiful shine, granite countertops is as eco-friendly as it gets.

With hardly any machinery or human input to create the beauty and patterns of granite, investing in this type of material can have you feeling assured that you did not unduly impact the environment.

Final Thoughts

Granite increases the value of any kitchen and is a natural choice that adds stunning beauty to new and remodelled homes.

Granite is easy to install, all you have to do is select a colour and pattern that suits you. With all the advantages that granite offers, it is clear to see why it is the best material for a worktop.