Preparing food in a pan can seem quite challenging, especially if someone is new to the kitchen. But not worrying about it further and with a few simple tips and strategies, anyone can cook like a master chef in no time.

Preparing a meal in a pan is all about acquiring the basic elements. Beginning with the selection of the right pan for the work. For beginners, a non-stick skillet is a promising choice. It’s flexible, easy to polish, and tolerant in case of any mistakes.

Before someone starts cooking, it is essential to ensure that the pan is preheated properly. It is also essential to ensure that the pan is clean and dry. This initial step allows for proper cooking and prevents the food from sticking to the pan surface. A promising rule of thumb is to preheat the pan over medium heat level for a few minutes before adding any ingredients.

Some prerequisites might sound complex to begin with, especially when someone is cooking in cast iron cookware. What is the way out towards perfection? Non-stick? Worried about the health complications that it might bring you? Try hybrid cookware with Triply surfaces. 

When it comes to cooking oil, less is more. A small amount of oil or butter is all that is needed to prevent sticking, add flavour and finally spread the oil evenly over the surface of triply pans.

Now, coming to the part of cooking itself. Whether sautéing veggies, scorching meat or frying eggs, the important thing to remember is to avoid overcrowding the pan. This ensures that the food is being cooked evenly and forms a wonderful golden crust. Anyone cooking should try to experiment with flavour and substances. Cooking in a pan encourages swiftness, creativity and experiments with different herbs, spices and sauces.

Want to cook a flawless Japanese omelette? Or the Chelo kebab with the perfect crunch? How about a one-pan English breakfast? Or the OG traditional Chinese egg fried rice!

There is one common thing among all of these recipes of perfection — that is experience and years of practice! That’s what makes them Masterchef level. With a nonstick range of cookware, any GENZ can make the perfect masterchef level of cuisines with very low chances of messing up. 

Now comes the understanding of the importance of timing, as it is necessary for successful pan cooking. Knowing when to flip, stir, or remove ingredients from the pan can have a great impact on cooking a dish. Overcooking or undercooking can result in a less-than-perfect dish, so staying attentive while cooking is essential. However, with Triply surface cookware, timing errors happen very less, thus cooking becomes a cakewalk,

And, not to forget the seasoning of food with salt and pepper for more flavour and texture. This simple technique elevates the dish from decent to great. In addition to it, mastering the art of seasoning is important to elevate the dishes cooked in a pan. Seasoning involves layering flavours with herbs, spices, and aromatics. Learning to achieve the balance between these flavours can make a simple dish, a culinary masterpiece.

Proper clean-up and maintenance of the pan are important for extending its lifespan. After cooking, the pan needs to cool before cleaning it with warm, soapy water. Crucially, using harsh soaps or metal utensils can damage the non-stick surface. Proper care will ensure that the pan stays in good condition for future cooking endeavours.