With wood-based cabinets, the most popular type of cabinets, you can effortlessly harness the infinite practical properties of bare wood to make a space seem attractive and functional at the same time. Perhaps, that is why many homeowners prefer natural wood kitchen cabinets.

Do you know that almost 70% of homeowners in the United States use natural wood cabinets to style their spaces? Generally speaking, wood cabinets are closely looked at by many as not only long-lasting but also eye-catching and flexible in marching a variety of aesthetic styles. 

Continue reading to learn more about them, including their go-to varieties, benefits, and where to find them. 

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

As we have just noted, natural wood kitchen cabinets are the most popular cabinet designs. They come in an array of varying types, of which the most distinguished are mahogany and teak cabinets.  

Here are other notable wood-based cabinets; 

  1. Maple Cabinets

Maple cabinets are types of natural wood cabinets revered for extended lifespans. Apart from incomparable lifespans, maple cabinets are known to boast impeccable functional standards. The drawers are highly resistant to scratching, easy to beautify, and can match traditional, modern, and ultra-modern interior design aesthetics. 

  1. Oak Cabinets

If you are on a quest to find natural wood kitchen cabinets with multiple cabinetry design options, go for oak cabinets. Widely remarked as the most versatile natural wood cabinets, oak cabinets come in a wide range of types. Whereas red oak cabinets are mostly meant for light-themed interiors, their white counterparts are used to being highlights of dark-themed interior designs.  

  1. Hickory Cabinets

As strong as hickory hardwood itself, hickory cabinets are another prominent type of natural wood cabinets. From scratches to dust and high-impact forces, hickory cabinets are built to withstand everything. Apart from strength, the emblematic cabinet designs are revered all over for pocket-friendly prices and the fact that they are easier to access than many wood cabinets. 

Benefits of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  • Unparalleled Quality and Resale Value

Because their material components are natural, wood cabinets stand out as exceptional in terms of quality. Compared to laminate cabinets, natural wood kitchen cabinets can prove valuable for almost a lifetime, provided they are well maintained. 

Armed with the strength property of bare wood, the drawers can withstand any harshness of tear and wear, including scratching. Thanks to their high-quality material features, wood cabinets often come with a guarantee of impressive resale value. 

  • Flexibility

Natural wood cabinets are flexible in the sense that they are compatible with multiple aesthetic styling strategies. As far as decorating your kitchen space is concerned, you can easily use wood cabinets to try out traditional and modern interior designs at different points in time. 

When it comes to styling natural wood cabinets and so, the space that they dominate, everything can be fun and effortless, thanks to their flexible demeanor. You can go for any rustic or modern decor accessories as long as they incline towards your preferences. 

  • Ease of Access

If you don’t have much time or money to waste trying to access kitchen cabinets, opt for wood-based cabinets. Simply because they are more accessible than other types of cabinets, natural wood kitchen cabinets are sold at uniquely cheap prices on almost all cabinet-selling platforms. 

When trying to find natural wood cabinets, all you need to do is determine the model you want and determine whether or not they can match the appearance of the space in which you want to install them.  

Where to Find Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Online Shopping Sites

  1. commerce websites dealing with furniture items are reputable places in which you can find amazing natural wood kitchen cabinets for sale. You can visit any online shopping site from anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device, for example, a smartphone, tablet, laptop, iPad etc. 

Note that customer reviews on various online shopping sites can help you establish where to make a purchase and the types of wood cabinets to buy. Therefore, before paying for cabinets on an online shopping platform, you must take time to review the customer comment section. 

#2: Pawn Shops 

Pawn shops are also commendable places in which one can find natural wood cabinets for sale. Nowadays, pawn shops not only provide land-based but also online services. 

For that reason, you don’t have to waste time and energy looking for land-based pawn shops. You can try consulting personnel in the pawn industry to establish reputable pawn sites to deal with.

#3: Land-Based Furniture Showrooms

With advances in technology, furniture dealers have resorted to showcasing products online. But that doesn’t mean that land-based furniture stores ceased to exist. Generally speaking, many homeowners still prefer conducting window shopping on land-based furniture stores rather than on virtual platforms. 

In a brick-and-mortar showroom, you can get a chance to meet a professional who might give you insights regarding the purchase you want to make. If you prefer buying natural wood kitchen cabinets online, you can use insights you gained from window shopping in land-based cabinet-selling sites to enhance your bargaining power. 

Will Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Soon Go Out of Fashion?

With their immense benefits, natural wood kitchen cabinets will stay in fashion for a very long time to come. Apart from the fact that they are wholesomely beneficial in terms of visual aesthetics and practicality, wood cabinets will stay trending for a long time, thanks to the fact that the efficacy of bare wood decor accessories is becoming evident day in and out. 

As some of the most versatile cabinetry designs, wood cabinets will continue inspiring homeowners from different walks of life as time goes by. Therefore, the idea that they might go out of fashion soon is by far unjustifiable. 

Final Thoughts

Do you want inspiration to make your pantry seem stylish and practically relevant? If yes, go for natural wood kitchen cabinets. Because they are versatile, they can let you access cabinet models that align with what you want your kitchen to look like. With unparalleled practical values, natural wood cabinets can unimaginably transform the overall functional aspects of your cooking space, from lighting to space and much more.