It is something that most people take for granted until there is an issue, and they walk into their kitchen or bathroom and notice a very bad smell.

Ensuring that your drains and pipes are clean is something that many people take for granted. It could become more stressful to identify the underlying cause when there is an issue, especially if the pipes and drains become completely blocked.

This job is not exactly at the top of everybody’s to-do list, but it is important for the safety of those in your home and for the house itself for you to keep an eye on the drains and maintain them. The last thing you want is a drain that is blocked on Christmas Day when you are having a party!

So, what are some key reasons you should aim to have your drains professionally cleaned?

Better Drainage

Accumulation in the pipes will impact the water flow, and you may even notice that when you are emptying a bath that, the water drains slowly. This may be the beginning of a blocked pipe.

This is when it is time to look for St. Louis drain cleaning, as this is a much better option than a burst pipe and having to call a blocked drain company. After the initial professional drain cleaning has occurred, you should aim to maintain the pipes in your home using a plunger and dissolving materials to get rid of blockages.

Prevents Damage

Blocked pipes can cause serious damage if they burst or flood and cause the pipe to corrode. There are lots of issues with letting small clogs go untreated, as they can cause water damage in your home. If the drains flood, you may have to replace the contents, the walls, or even the flooring in your home and deal with any potential structural damage. So, call a professional drain cleaner if you have concerns.

No Bad Smells

Most people have smelled a blocked drain at one time or another, and it is not a pleasant smell! Any pipe and drain can produce a foul odor, and if you live in a home with bad smells emanating from your bathroom sink or kitchen sink, you need to have your drains professionally cleaned. This will remove all of the bad smells, mold, and bacteria, so your home will smell fresher in no time!

No Noisy Pipes

Nobody likes noisy pipes, especially in the middle of the night. Much like gurgling pipes, these can indicate a problem with the drain or the plumbing. You will need a professional to carry out a drain survey and clean your pipes thoroughly to ensure that the noise associated with the draining is illuminated, as well as the blocks that could lead to further issues.


It’s worth noting that when it comes to clogs or blocks in a drain or pipe, mold and bacteria can grow around these. Not only can this cause an unpleasant smell, but it can also negatively affect your family’s health if left untreated, leading to infections and illnesses. So, if you or any member of your family are having serious breathing problems due to mold or a bad smell in your drain, please call a professional drain cleaning team.