Your home is your castle, but sometimes it does not feel like one due to all the shortcomings you realize it has as time passes. You perhaps never considered the unpredictable weather conditions in the area before settling in your home. Still, moving out can be such a headache with the costs involved and stuff getting lost or broken. Therefore you must make do with what you have. One thing you cannot control is the weather, and you will have to think of how to enjoy the sun without allowing its adverse effects to impact you. An awning comes in handy in that regard, but with so many types available, there are few reasons why a retractable one should top your shopping list. And nope, you don’t need to shell out lavishly with this, unless you really want the sophisticated type.

1. It will save you money

We all want to buy a product that does not end up making us dig into our pockets further. Retractable awnings save you money in various ways. Those living in areas prone to severe winds and have non-retractable awnings know that it is only a matter of time before they go back to the stores. However, with a sunshade that you can retract whenever the weather gets intense, then you will have it for a long time since you prevent it from being damaged.
It will save you money
Your utility bills can also pile up when the air conditioner is always on due to the summer heat. Fortunately, with a retractable awning, when it gets too hot, all you have to do is set it up and let the shade reduce the heat circulating in your house. Consequently, there will be no need to turn on the air conditioning unit, thus cutting down on electricity bills. Further, those who are environmentally conscious will appreciate the eco-friendly advantage that comes with power usage reduction.

2. It is versatile

Homeowners are particular about keeping a specific theme on their property based on color, style or other criteria. With retractable awnings, you get to choose from various style options that will blend in with the design of your home. For example, you can opt for a folding arm awning that can match the décor of your home, you will have killed two birds with one stone. You will have also added some curb appeal. Such an improvement can help you land a higher resale value should you choose to sell your house.

Moreover, depending on how easy you want to operate your awning, retractable ones come in two options. You can opt for an electronically-operated awning which ensures that with only the click of a button, it comes out and retracts without disturbing your comfort. The wide range of choice based on ease of operation also comprises manual and motorized options.

3. It protects your home, both indoors and outdoors

As much as you want to bask in the morning and evening and get your dose of vitamin D, having your furniture in the sun will affect its appearance with time. The sun causes the furniture fabric to fade, which can be unsightly look for your deck or patio. What makes it worse is that the sun rays not only affect the outdoors but indoors too. Through the glass windows and doors, the rays penetrate the house, causing your curtains to have patches of discoloration as they are exposed. Your expensive carpet may also fade over time as the sun’s rays reach it causing it to lose its rich color.
It protects your home, both indoors and outdoors
You can prevent these frustrating experiences by installing a retractable awning on the side where the sun’s rays mostly get in your house from to destroy your treasured possessions. If you do not want the hassle of having to set it up when the sun is hot and then retracting it when it goes down, then a timer will be more convenient. You can set the awning to retract when the sun is not as hot such as during the early mornings or late evenings. However, around noon, when it is at its hottest, then it can expand automatically. For enhanced protection from the adverse effects of the sun, then you can invest in a retractable awning made from a sun-resistant fabric. That way, you do not have to keep waiting for the sun to come up or set.

4. It offers shade when needed

You do not have to wait until you go to the Bahamas to enjoy some sunshine. You can have that luxury in your backyard as long as you set it up properly. When you are looking to have some bit of sunshine, then you can retract the awning and bask for a while. However, once it gets too hot yet you still want to spend some time in the open air, then you can expand the awning. It affords you the option of enjoying the spectacular outdoors without the risk of absorbing harmful UV rays of the sun.

5. It creates more living space

It creates more living space
You might have friends who love coming over for barbecue during the weekends, yet your house does not have as many square feet to accommodate them. Before you start looking for a bigger house, you can begin by making use of the space you already have. By installing a retractable awning in your backyard, you immediately increase the living space in your home without incurring too much cost.

With the extra room created, social functions will never be the same again as you have more space to cook. Besides, even if you are introvert and social gatherings are not your cup of tea, then you can enjoy a good book in the outdoors. When the cold starts setting in, you can keep yourself warm using a portable space heater. The awning will provide a sheltered area for you to enjoy your own company.