A septic system is an important part of any home or property. Many homeowners aren’t even aware that their house includes a septic system, let alone the importance of the dangers of neglecting it. A septic system is basically a proper drainage system that lets out waste from drains, sinks, toilets and other water outlets from your house. These systems are organised in such a way that they let out all the wastes under the ground.

It’s always advisable for all the new buyers in NH arrange home inspections for septic systems thoroughly before buying a place. A worn-out septic system can be really a huge problem in any place, and its repair and replacement both can cost you loads.

Warning signs of a damaged septic system

Warning signs of a damaged septic system
A septic system can be damaged and worn out with time, just like your roofs or walls may show signs of deterioration. Though it’s always recommended to get a septic inspection in NH by Alpha Building Inspections, who tend to point out the exact issue in your septic system by checking all the drainage systems thoroughly. They’ll carry out the entire inspection with an expert eye, and recommend you accordingly to repair or replace the septic system of your house. But still, not all of us follow the recommendation of getting it inspected regularly, and thus face grave issues later. Do check out these for these warning signs to know if your septic system needs attention!

  • Lapse of time — If it’s been more than five years already that you have not inspected the septic system, it’s the first warning sign to do the needful. Once you check the system, you’ll be able to know of any concern – and trust us, there would be something or the other over a time period. You can thus get it repaired before the mistake gets bigger and more expensive to repair. So, before a septic problem arises, hear this warning bell and get it checked completely to avoid any kind of nasty issue arising later.
  • Foul smell — A foul smell is another open sign that your septic system has given up. It’s because of the drainage waste accumulating in your backyard that it starts stinking badly. This shows an urgency to get it checked, and (if needed) repaired. Because the foul smell may just be a beginning, it can worsen up to stinking so much that you’ll be unable to even stay at the place because of it.
  • Water accumulation— The dirty water that gets accumulated at your backyard or the area where the system was installed is another clear sign of something really wrong in it. This water is of course not hygienic at all, and thus its accumulation can lead to various infections and other related hazards. When the water starts to build up in the area, get the septic system tracked immediately to avoid the water level increasing and creating puddles of dirty water in your vicinity.
  • Grass starts flourishing — It’s a hidden sign, but you can make out when the grass suddenly gets greener and happier. The dirty water that’s coming out from the drains are rich in fertilisers for the plants, and they get it from under the ground, which is again pretty beneficial for them. But it can have drastic effects on human health and well being. Therefore, if there’s a sudden flourish in your garden flora, when you aren’t taking any extra measure for it, check the septic system.
  • Backing up in sinks and bathrooms — This can be a very serious and unbearable situation, but speaks out loud about the issue that’s causing it. Backing up of the drains in kitchen sinks or washrooms can be taken care of by just pumping (in most situations). But if the problem still persists, you need to check the septic space at that instant. The issue can be major enough to bring out all the garbage backing up in its source, and can be a massive issue – more than you can imagine.

damaged septic system
These are the signs that call out for immediate inspection and repair or replacement of the septic system area for a healthier and better living space. Be sure never to ignore these highlighters in order to save yourself from bigger expenditure (and hassle and hazard too!) on the same.