Best lawn

If you’re fortunate enough to enjoy a lawn that has a great topsoil base, then a lot of the labor involved in maintaining a gorgeous yard is already taken care of for you. However, many homeowners don’t have such a luxury and even the ones that do still have to strive to keep their yard and garden beautiful.

If you gaze over your yard and dream of making it a better place, do you know how to go about accomplishing this? It’s not as hard as you think if you know a handful of good tips. Keep reading into the following paragraphs to learn 12 tips from the experts!

1)Know When To Mow: The ideal circumstances for mowing your yard are when it’s dry and cool. Do it before the afternoon heat if you can, but after the morning dew has dried off. On the other hand, an early evening or late afternoon can also work, particularly if you water in the morning.
Consider Hedges Over Fencing
2)Consider Hedges Over Fencing: If you need a boundary divider around your yard or even within it, fencing will do, but hedges offer a lot more. You get more privacy, and they can still keep kids and pets in or out. You’ll also attract birds, and they make for natural backdrops to flowers and other plants.

3)Bring The Beauty To Your Home: Don’t let your garden just shine in the middle of the yard or even be flowers down by the street and driveway. That’s all fine, but you can also plant hyacinths and other great-smelling flowering things by walkways and doors to your home. You can walk out your door and not just be treated to a visual feast, but also the scents of magical perfumes that fill the air and make you feel as alive as your yard is.
Put Your Garden Around Non-Garden Items
4)Put Your Garden Around Non-Garden Items: Does your yard have a mailbox? What about lamp posts? Even utility poles? Surround any of these items with flowers you plant. You might even schedule the various flowerings so that different items and locations in the yard bloom or blossom at different times of the year. If flowers don’t work, consider rocks around posts just to provide visual interest.

5)Mow Your Springtime Yard For Weed Control: This is a simple enough thing to do, but it’s also quite effective. You can prevent dandelions from spreading because you’ll eliminate their yellow blossoms, which will prevent seed formation. Mow high when it’s late spring into early summer. That lets grass blades shade your ground, and that keeps crabgrass at bay.
 Native Plants
6)Use Native Plants: Find out what plants are actually native to your area. That includes bushes, flowers, and trees. Not only are they going to have the best odds of living through extreme weather, they’re also going to require a lot less maintenance.

7) Consider Selling Your Home: This doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on a hard yard and just move to someplace easier. Rather, if you’re going to sell your home at any point in the near future or next few years, consider that most landscaping improvements will yield from 100 to 200 percent returns for you. Curb appeal matters a lot when selling your home, as the yard alone might convince someone doing a drive-by to get out and walk up to the door or call your agent about your listing.

8) Don’t Do It All At Once: Landscaping everything at once will drain you and your budget. Divvy it all up into phases, and handle it in small projects at a time. You might find unexpected needs, new ideas and directions, or even changes in taste you can roll with later if you’re flexible.
Think Ahead In Planting
9)Think Ahead In Planting: Be ready for the future needs of your plants. For instance, don’t put flowers that need a lot of sunlight in the shade of the home or where trees might eventually block the light. Also, consider the space and water plants are going to need when mature.

10)Don’t Skip The Internet: You might think you only need to buy local in terms of landscaping equipment and materials, but the truth is, you can find all that and many plants online. You might pay some shipping, but you’ll save time, gas, and lugging things in and out of your vehicle. The selection available is also tremendous.
Don't Turn Your Nose Up At Wildflowers
11)Don’t Turn Your Nose Up At Wildflowers: These are widely available at many stores, and they can survive in very inhospitable areas. They let you have lots of texture and color, even on a tight budget. No matter what colors you like, you can find cheap seeds that grow fast and easy.
 Water A Design Element
12)Make Water A Design Element: A pool or fountain with pumps can add a refreshing and lively element. Many professionals in your area can install these for much lower prices than you might suspect. At the very least, consider a bird bath to bring some life to the yard. Having these chirpy friends around can keep insects, bugs, critters, and pests contained a bit.

Your yard and garden area can be not only a source of pride but also possibly the most beautiful space up and down your block. You don’t even have to waste a ton of money on professional contractors, experts, fancy furniture, lawn ornaments, or even herbicides and fertilizers. You just need to know a few common sense steps that go a long way towards making the land surrounding your home a better place.

Don’t hesitate to use any of the 12 expert tips that provided here to start making your outdoor space better. Not only can you make it something you’ll be proud of, but it can also be a place that lifts the moods of any who see it or spend time in it, except maybe neighbors who get green with envy. Your work will be rewarded in the end, in one way or another, so it’s totally worth it!