Are you one of the many people who have transitioned to a home office environment in 2020 and are looking at it being the new normal moving forward? Have you had to make do with a quick set-up that isn’t exactly comfortable, nor does it encourage productivity? If so, it may be time to make the investment – in both time and money – and create the ultimate professional home office space.

We’ve gone ahead and created five essential tips for anyone looking to create the ultimate home office space, whether you’ll be working in the space full-time or it will just be a part-time workspace. Following these tips will ensure you check off all the right boxes.

Choose the Location Wisely

The first tip has to do with the location of the office space in your home. Ideally it should be somewhere that allows for privacy, is free of distractions, and is quiet. For those who are often on phone calls or video calls, privacy will be even more important so you aren’t faced with interruptions from others living in the home. It will also create a more professional environment.

If you don’t have a separate room with a door you can close, look for the quietest most remote corner or spot in the house. You can always use a decorative privacy screen or bookcases to create the illusion of walls.

Furniture Needs to Be Comfortable and Practical

Now you need some office furniture for the space, and the emphasis should be on comfort, size, and function. If you want to ensure there is a flow to the pieces so they all work together and look fabulous together, check out this collection of office furniture St. Charles IL dealer. Don’t forget there is nothing wrong in looking at used furniture, as it can be a massive money saver.

Ensure the Office Is Wired with All the Equipment You Need

Of course, you’ll also need to give thought to the tech equipment you’re going to need in your office space and get everything wired.

This includes your computer/laptop, a printer, a copier, a landline phone (if applicable), and any other hardware you’ll require.

Let the Light In

Another tip is to ensure you have as much natural light as possible shining into your office space. Not only will this help you to see better, it also can boost your mood and energy levels. If there is no source of natural light, then you’ll want to use a combination of light fixtures such as overhead and task lighting.

Storage Space Is Essential for Organization

Finally, we have the issue of storage space. Even if you plan on running a digital operation where you have very few paper files and documents, you’re still going to need storage space for such things as office supplies.

Ample storage space will ensure your desk and workspace is kept clear and clean at all times.

By following each of these tips you’ll be able to design an office space that promotes productivity.