Staying home due to Covid-19 has been an uphill task for most people. Aside from all the anxiety and uncertainty of the times, there has also been a lot of boredom. There is only so much TV you can watch before that too loses its allure.

To break the monotony of being indoors, your backyard would be a great place to unwind. Some fresh air might just be what you need to feel alive and vibrant again. Which begs the question, is your backyard as comfortable and fun as it can be?

If you feel unsure about how to answer that question, read on. It might be time to spiff things up a little.

Some Comfort

Sometimes you just want to curl up with a good book or play a game of chess out in the afternoon breeze. The problem is, the sun would be in your eyes or the wind could be knocking down your bishops.

You do not have to stay indoors all day. There are solutions you can try such as:

Shade Sails

When there is not much room in your backyard, installing large fixtures can make it look cramped. They could also block light from your home and the backyard in general.

Shade sails would therefore be the ideal compromise.

Besides the fact that shade sails take up very little room, they are equally very sturdy. You may underestimate them from how light and bendy they look but they will prove you wrong. Moreover, you can get waterproof varieties so that you do not have to worry about your outdoor furniture.


Pergolas are solid structures that are made of wood. The more common design usually consists of four pillars that hold up a roof. Although they can be tailored to fit your space, they are a good idea if your backyard is a bit roomy.

In the past, most people avoided pergolas because they were not really designed to provide any shade. Thanks to technology and innovation, there are now pergolas in the market with louvered motorized roofs.

The roofs are made of wooden panels controlled using a remote control device. They can flex open and closed like shutters to allow sun into the pergola or provide shade when necessary.


The right gazebo can be a beautiful addition to your backyard and can be great for hosting. Unlike shade sails and pergolas, gazebos structures can have sidewalls which shield against wind rain more fully.

There are different types of gazebos you can choose from. They vary in design, material of the structure, and size. When coupled with the right furniture, afternoons outdoors may become your favorite pastime.

A Private Bar

When you are hosting, it can get quite exhausting to keep having to shuttle between the kitchen and the backyard. You might hardly ever get to enjoy the party. What if you had your own little bar in the backyard?

You do not have to go all out and start a full-on pub unless of course, you want to. The goal is to have a fun spot where you and your partner or guests can sit and share a drink. You will need:

  • A mini-fridge
  • A small counter
  • Some storage for glasses and other bits

If you have an old shed you have not been using, that would be perfect to turn into a bar. Alternatively, you can set up inside your gazebo but only if it is well enclosed. To give your private bar a cool look, you can find some neon LED RGB for sale online. They offer great lighting and best of all, they are completely weatherproof.

Some Warmth

Sitting outside in the summer is one thing but during other times of the year, temperatures can get rather nippy. Outdoor heaters could keep you comfortable as you unwind. There are many brands you can choose from but there two main types of outdoor heaters.

Propane Gas Heaters

The more popular propane gas heaters are the tall kind you may have encountered at hotels and restaurants. They come with a bottom shelf where the gas cylinder is stored and the upper part provides heating.

There are new models that are smaller and can be placed on floors or tabletops. You could also opt for innovative designs with features like adjustable focused heating settings. Such heaters can be placed in one position but can be adjusted to direct heating in the desired path.

Electric Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters help convert electric energy into radiant heat. Therefore, unlike propane heaters, they do not just warm the air but the objects in the room too. The advantage of this is that you experience the warmth for longer.

Keep an eye out for some of the brands that have waterproof designs. They are likely more durable and safer for outdoor use. In addition, some models can be mounted on ceilings which is certainly a plus in terms of avoiding accidents.

A Play Pen

If you have kids, they deserve some fun too. You can set aside some space for them to have toys of their choice such as:

  • A playhouse
  • Swings
  • A mini bouncy castle

For safety, ensure that the grass around the play area is mowed and that it is free of bugs. Artificial grass could serve you well as it would provide extra cushioning and protect your children from hard falls. It is both easy to maintain and durable.


When you bought your home, having a backyard was probably a priority. Family barbeques, children laughing and playing among many other joyful experiences. Unfortunately, amidst all of life’s hustles and bustles, that may have become an elusive dream.

Now is the best time to change things. You will need no convincing to go out to your new fun backyard, it will be too enjoyable to pass up.