If you live in the city or an apartment, chances are you’ve got a small balcony. Balconies are fantastic. They give you fresh air, sunlight, a place to dry your clothes, and if you play your cards right, a place to relax. However, balconies are usually limited in space, which means you have to get creative when you use it. For today’s news, these are 5 ideas we reckon will elevate your dream balcony. 

Hanging Plants

You already know that plants, particularly succulents, are the no. 1 house decoration. However, floor space is limited on a balcony, so how can you get those healthy plants there? Hang them from the ceiling! I know it might sound strange, but I promise that it will make a wonderful addition to your balcony, adding a healthy splash of colour and life. You’ll also see your plants a lot more if they’re at eye level. Due to their low maintenance, we’d recommend succulents, so you don’t have to add another daily job to your routine. 


Only recently, I was sitting on my beanbag on my balcony, sipping tea, and listening to San Cisco’s beautiful performance of Flaws. Suddenly, it was obvious that the price of the beanbag had paid for itself. In a cramped space, beanbags are a perfect sitting option. Flexible and easily moved, they can transform to fit the needs of your balcony and serve as a playful and fun resting option. No


Unless you’re lucky enough to have some gorgeous wood strips, chances are your balcony floor isn’t too slick. So why not tie it into your living space by putting a small rug there? Even though this is a little unorthodox, a rug symbolises a place to kick your feet up, and that’s exactly what a balcony is for. I’m sure that Soundcloud to mp3 rappers would agree. 

Fairy Lights

Nothing brings ambience to an environment like fluorescent lighting. Fairy lights are cheap, flexible, minimal and ideal for a small balcony. They’re the dainty choice that never goes out of fashion. Yellow and white are the most common fairy light colours, but feel free to get creative around your house’s colour palette.

In terms of positioning the lights, you could wrap them around the railing or even hang them from the ceiling. Fairy lights let the neighbourhood know that your balcony is given attention, and is a welcoming place to hang out in. 

Small Coffee Table

Even on a balcony, you’re going to find a need for a table. So often, we take a table for granted. They hold our car keys, phone, wallet, drinks, bags, and any other personal carriage we no longer need to lug around. Your balcony doesn’t need a big table, just a smooth surface to put the essentials on. Hentai not included.