excited kid having fun, sitting on yellow bean bag at home

When it comes to shopping for your home seating, the most common styles furniture shoppers choose are couches, sectional sofas, or traditional wooden chairs. You may already have a couch or a set of wooden chairs at home. But have you thought of investing in a bean bag sofa?  

Years ago, bean bags were only considered as a furniture piece fit for teenagers and children. Most adults wouldn’t consider having a bean bag sofa at home as it has always been perceived as a stylish sofa fit only for aesthetic purposes or adding coolness to the room. Thus, you don’t generally find bean bag sofas used in a lot of homes.   

Switch Out Your Couch For A Versatile Bean Bag Sofa  

Over time, bean bag sofas have evolved. Now, they’re available in many sizes and shapes. Plus, they’ve become more versatile as they’re also manufactured for numerous purposes to make sure they fit in any setting—the living room, kid’s playing area, or even in your outdoor patio. Thus, it’s now easier for you to incorporate a bean bag sofa into your décor. You may even want to choose a bean bag instead of investing in expensive couches. 

To help you get over old ideas about bean bags, here are four reasons why you should switch out your couch for a bean bag sofa:

1. Bean Bags May Help Relieve Back Pains

Bean bags are already known to be cozy and homey, which is why they’re often used as an additional décor for lounging areas, sports clubs, and kid’s playgrounds. But did you know that bean bag sofas also provide remedial effects on back pains?  

Some common habits among adults include watching TV or sitting in front of their computers or laptops for long periods. They often use the sofa or a hard couch for their seating. Unfortunately, sitting down on these chairs for longer periods can adversely affect your posture and skew your back. As a result, you may end up suffering from back pains and other possible aches caused by poor posture.  

Fortunately, bean bags are much more conducive to supporting your body’s natural posture. It’s specifically designed to mold itself to your body without forcing your neck and back into an uncomfortable posture. It’s also manufactured to provide full support for your shoulders, hips, and head, making it easier to have better posture and minimize the risk of back, neck, and other muscle pains. With the right seating, you can fully immerse yourself in recreational activities and relax without having to worry about body pains. 

2. Bean Bags Are Way Easier To Clean And Maintain

Another reason you may want to switch out your couch for bean bags is that they’re way easier to wash and maintain than couches. Bean bags have removable covers that you can easily unzip and remove anytime you need to throw them in the washing machine. Even if you bought bean bag sofas with non-removable covers, you can still clean them easily by scrubbing the dirt off and drying them under the sun. Since the bean bag fillings can hold off moisture, they’ll dry quickly. These qualities also prevent mold growth.   

This quality makes it more practical to have bean bags than traditional couches, especially if you have kids and pets at home. Pets and kids are more likely to spill and spread drinks, food, dirt, or pet hair everywhere. When you have upholstery seating, you may need to spend hours dabbing stain removers on unsightly marks. Moreover, couches are not water-repellant—unlike bean bag fillings—making them a perfect spot for mold growth when they stay damp for long periods.   

Some couches and sofas may feature removable covers, but it’s usually only for the cushions. When you spill something behind the couches, you’re out of luck. So, when buying top-quality furniture, consider switching to bean bag sofas.  

3. Bean Bags Are More Stylish

You may already feel comfy with the couch you have in the living room for binge-watching TV shows. But try to look at your current couch and see if it fits into your living room’s style. Traditional couches often only come in four shades—white, grey, black, and beige. It’ll cost you a lot more if you wish to incorporate fun and vivid-colored couches into your living spaces, as they’re often available only through special orders. Moreover, couches tend to be heavy and large, which makes them seem out of place in smaller living rooms. If your space is just enough for the couch, then you can only place your couch in a corner or close to the wall, without any chance of rearranging it in the future.

Meanwhile, bean bag sofas are available in numerous shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Bean bags can be round, square, or even in heart shapes. Due to their colors and patterns, it’ll be easier for you to use them as your room’s focal point or centerpiece. If you wish to change the design of your furniture, you only need to exchange the covers of the bean bag sofas for another color. Moreover, bean bag sofas are also portable and lightweight. You can easily move and reposition them without worrying about your space or their weight. If you’ve noticed, some homeowners also bring their bean bags outdoors whenever the weather is favorable.

4. Bean Bags Add A Fun Factor To Your Home

It’s prevalent for kids to sometimes use your current couch as their playground. They would use it as a trampoline, endlessly jumping from one couch to another as part of their game. Unfortunately, some couches are too firm to be used for playing and could cause minor injuries to your kids if they fall on the wrong side. Other couches also feature wood, especially couches with arms, which can be dangerous for kids during playtime. 

On the other hand, bean bags can be a fun addition to your home. Since they’re light, soft, and squishy, you don’t need to worry about your kids jumping on and crashing into the bean bag sofas. You also need not worry about the firmness of your bean bags as they’re adjustable. For instance, if you or your kids wish to have a firmer bean bag, you only need to add more stuffing until it can provide your desired level of body support. If instead your kids prefer a softer and squishier bean bag instead, you can simply reduce the stuffing anytime.  

Bean bags can become your kids’ go-to seating whenever they need to relax or calm down. You can also add these to your child’s bedroom and add a cozy blanket or stuffed animal to transform it into their ‘cozy corner.’ 

Achieve Fun And Optimal Comfort With Bean Bag Sofas

Overall, bean bag sofas can be a fun yet stylish alternative to traditional seating choices. Bean bag sofas can serve as your comfort seating after a long day at work or a piece of fun furniture for your kids inside the house. So, why not let yourself enjoy these benefits and switch out your old couch for bean bags? You can even involve your kids when choosing bean bags for your home, and you’ll surely find the perfect seating for the whole family.