When it comes to the real appreciation of life, nobody does it better than the Italians.  For centuries, Italy has been home to the worlds’ greatest artists, thinkers and scientists and that same spirit that fueled the Renaissance and inspired the likes of da Vinci and Michelangelo permeates through modern design culture in Italy today.

Welcome to a world where fine craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail meet the Italian passion for design, luxury and the good life.


In Italy, a high stock is placed on hand made products where the knowledge of creating that product has been passed down from father to son from generation to generation.  In keeping with the strong sense of pride and family that are the hallmarks of Italian culture, artisans use their collective expertise to create fine furniture and beautiful finishes.  

Fabio&Co Italia continues in this tradition by bringing the spirit of Italian design to the United States.  Every single, exquisitely crafted piece of furniture has been made in Italy and imported to America.

Originally from the leather tanning capital of the world, Arzignano in Northern Italy Fabio Lazzari immigrated to the United States in 1999, with a clear vision and purpose.  To redefine the American luxury goods marketplace.


It is not much of a secret that Italians are at the top of the game in this field especially in a country that is home to dozens of the most sought after brands in the world. From fashion to jewellery, sports cars and fine art and furniture is no exception.

Italian design expertly wields old and new elements together, along with prizing the use of natural products.  Minimalist lines that invoke the 14th and 15th centuries mingle effortlessly with cutting edge, innovative and bold ensembles.

Recently, the world celebrated Italian Design Day where thousands flocked to explore, enjoy and experience all of it.


It is impossible to separate Italians from their history, language and culture.  Just like the famed cities of Rome, Milan, Venice and Florence, Italians are bold and indulge unabashedly in the great lust for life.  This energy makes its way into Italian design.  

Italian furniture is much desired because it has a sophisticated structure that draws from a vast background of historical and traditional influences.  It is highly unlikely that you’ll find mass-produced furniture as part of an Italian home.  You’ll more likely find handcrafted pieces that would probably have been around for a long time, but they’re still at it, innovating and setting the global standard.

It’s an overused word of late, passion and yet one can’t help but feel it when meandering through many guises of Italian art, fashion and design.  There are no rules, only traditions.  There are no expectations only imaginations and it’s this willingness to embrace the new while staying grounded in history that forms the basis of all that is instantly distinguishable as Italian, but yet unquantifiable.

After all i gusti non si discutono”. (There is no arguing…about taste)