Although we are asleep for a big portion of the time, the bedroom is the place in which we spend the highest percentage of our day. Nonetheless, it is the most intimate space in our home, as it is typically only experienced by those who sleep in it. Guests may peek in or other family members may use it for a brief period of time every once in a while, but generally, that space belongs to you and whoever shares it with you.

Since the bedroom is rarely seen by others, it can often be the last place we look in terms of making upgrades. We usually focus on the high-traffic areas like the kitchen, family room, dining room, or bathrooms. However, there are lots of ways that you can really improve the atmosphere of the bedroom and make it an even more unique space that fosters restoration and a sense of calm. Here are five ways that you can improve the feel of your bedroom.

Change the layout

Sometimes, what you have is enough. Instead of thinking about what you can add or replace in your bedroom, consider the effect that a simple layout change can have on the atmosphere of the room. With the bed being the main feature, moving it to a new location can make a huge difference by itself. You can shift the dresser to a new corner or move a desk somewhere else. All it takes to experience a fresh environment is changing things up a little bit and seeing if a new layout can be the solution you didn’t know you needed.

Invest in new bedding

Since the bed is the focal point of this room, making aesthetic changes to it will shift the feel of the entire space. A new bedding set that has a unique pattern or a different color palette will do wonders for how you experience the bedroom. There are so many styles of bedding to choose from, including rustic selections that connect you with the idea of living off the land. Or you could go with muted colors for a more contemporary feel. Bedding choices become the central focus of the bedroom and draws the attention of everyone who enters, so level up your selection and change the dynamic of your space.

Get a stylized headboard

If the bed is the focus of the room, then the headboard becomes an important feature of the overall atmosphere. There are unique shape options that will add a touch of luxury to the bedroom, along with color options that can lean toward a natural look or a monochromatic style. You can incorporate smooth, swooping woodwork or go with a cushioned headboard covered in fabric. It could be low profile or take up a ton of space on the wall. Your choice of headboard will go a long way toward dictating the theme of the room.

Balance natural light with darker nights

Natural light is proven to have health benefits, especially when it comes to one’s mental state. As such, it is important to expose yourself to natural lighting as much as possible, and the bedroom can help with that. However, when nighttime rolls around and it is time to go to sleep, achieving a darker room is just as important for a healthy sleep cycle. Balancing the availability of natural light during the day with the potential for complete darkness at night will contribute to your health. Large windows with light-canceling blinds or curtains can be a great mix of the two concepts, especially if you live in suburban or city environments with street lights directly outside. Large mirrors can also help reflect more natural light during the day. Making these changes will elevate your bedroom’s level of comfort as well as your personal health.

Choose styled features

In order to level up the look of your bedroom, investing in more styled elements like lampshades or nightstands will change the aesthetics of the room completely. These features can help highlight the bed itself, especially if you have a symmetrical balance of lamps and nightstands on both sides of the bed. Finely crafted nightstands can add an elegance to the room, and unique lampshades will similarly upgrade the atmosphere. You can also change the game with wall decor that follows the same style as other features in the bedroom, creating a unified space. 

Little changes go a long way

When changing up your bedroom to find a fresh look, you don’t always have to make a big financial investment. Small changes like curtains, bedding, stylish decor, or even moving furniture can make a big difference by themselves without breaking the bank. To create the atmosphere that you desire, try out some of these upgrades and see how you can level up your bedroom to achieve a new style.