Everyone desires a bedroom that resembles those on the glossy pages of home décor magazines. However, most of these upgrades can demand high amounts of money.

Having a classy and luxurious bedroom doesn’t recommend having a big budget. The details you incorporate in your bedroom can enhance its stylish appeal, making it look expensive.

The following tips can help spruce up your bedroom to give it an expensive and stylish appeal:

  • Layer Pillows

Styling your pillows can be a good way of upgrading your bedroom. Topping up your bed with layered pillows can enhance the look of your bedroom. The regular pillows you sleep on at night can sit against the bedhead. 

Getting different sizes of decorative pillows and overlaying them with practical pillows according to height brings out the expensive look to your bedroom. Nonetheless, it’s vital to arrange your sleeping and decorative pillows to cover only a quarter of the bed length as going past can look overstyled. 

You can also use plump pillows that look over-filled, which are mostly the standard of most fancy hotels. Getting inserts with a slightly bigger size than the pillow covers can help portray this design; for instance, you can get a 20-inch insert for an 18-inch pillow.

  • Upgrade Your Lampshades

Replacing your lampshades can be another affordable way of giving your bedroom a stylish and expensive appeal. Most ready-made lampshades feature basic and uninspired shades. Nevertheless, upgrading them can enhance the impact it brings to your bedroom. You can opt for a fabulous fabric or color that blends with the walls and furniture in the room or a shade taller than the expected one.

  • Style The Clutter

Maintaining a mess-free bedroom can seem to be overwhelming. Having your room with organized clutter can significantly impact its appeal. However, it’s crucial to know the difference between good and bad clutter.

Good clutter includes stacks of magazines and books, artwork on walls, or a bedside table tray full of objects. Bad clutter can be dirty clothes lying on the floor, unmanaged cords, or paperwork and unopened mail.

You can deal with the bad clutter by styling the key areas such as bookcases or nightstands. You can also make good use of hidden storage. If you have little free space, you can go for a bed frame that’s high enough to give you room for storage. You can then use a bed skirt to disguise the hidden storage under the bed.

  • Choose A Unique Headboard

To upgrade the look of your bedroom, you might be looking for a bed head and base. Adding a standout headboard can be a sure-fire way of increasing your bedroom’s glam and luxuriousness. Price doesn’t dictate the attractiveness of your headboard. With notable features such as unique shapes, bold colors, elegant fabric like velvet or linen, or impressive heights, your headboard can elevate the looks of your bedroom and have a stylish and expensive look.

  • Style Your Nightstand

Overloading your nightstand with unnecessary items can end up creating clutter. Incorporating only a few essential accessories that blend into the color scheme can be a quick way of elevating your space. 

To enhance the luxe of your room, you can place a few items like a clock, a cute lamp, a dish for your jewelry, or a plant on your nightstand. But it’s crucial only to pick the beautiful ones that can enhance the space’s good luck and appeal.

  • Redistribute Your Artwork

It’s very often to find pieces of art in living rooms only but art is made to be seen. Therefore, you can redistribute the pieces of artwork in your house. For maximum appeal, you can position a large piece of artwork over the bedhead and see the impact it adds to your bedroom. 

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be plain because it’s a private space. Experimenting on the walls with some pieces of artwork can give it a stylish and expensive look.

  • Add A Tray

Trays can instantly improve the class of your rooms, especially when filled with valuable trinkets. You can spray it with a coat of silver or gold to give it an expensive look, then use it for holding the scattered items such as your favorite creams, jewelry, collectibles, and perfume bottles.

  • Include A Blanket Statement

You can focus on a throw blanket if you can’t afford to purchase luxury bedding. You can place a huge chunky knit throw across the bed foot, making a statement and taking the focus from your old bedding. Your statement blanket can be crafted from velour, fuzzy wool, faux fur, silk, or velvet. Yet it’s vital to focus on solid colors, subtle designs, or animal prints, rather than many patterns.

  • Add Some Glamorous Lighting

Statement lighting such as unique ceiling fixtures, pendants, or table lamps can incorporate a luxury factor into your bedroom. You can get an affordable lamp or fixture with shiny finishes like gold, crystals, or glass. Getting one with an unusual shape or large design can also improve the look of your bedroom from plain to stylish and expensive.

  • Include Texture

You can use some textured elements to give your bedroom a visually rich and layered appeal. You can try a sheepskin rug on your bedroom floor beside the bed or use a faux fur throw blanket on pieces of furniture such as a side chair. You can also look for fun woven light fixtures, ideal for a lover of boho luxe appeals. These are just a few bedroom decoration ideas you can perform to enhance its appeal and give it a stylish and expensive look.

  • Frame The Bed With Mirrors

You can add more glamour to your bedroom by placing a mirror behind any pendant or lamp or above your nightstands. The design can look more stylish if the mirrors are placed behind identical nightstands on each side of the bed. 

Going for mirrors with unique details like unusual shapes and gilded finishes enhances the style of your bedroom, even the most ordinary one.


Having the bedroom of your dreams doesn’t have to cost you too much. With a simple upgrade of details, you can give your bedroom a stylish and expensive look. The outline above includes some tips worth trying out.