If you love nothing more than updating your home for the season ahead, then you will love the below simple solutions for renovating and refurbishing your property this fall.

From adding comfort with cushions and textured throws, mastering metallics, to layering your lighting, keep reading to uncover how you can update your home in time for fall.

Plus, for those who love Halloween, you’ll find out some great ways to use pumpkins to decorate your home, inside and out.

1. Get Cozy

Whether you favor summer or you can’t wait for the first few leaves to fall, there is very little that beats that feeling of cuddling up in front of a fireplace with a hot chocolate and a few well-positioned cushions and luxurious throws.

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Be sure to choose a variety of different textures for your home accessories, as this can make your home look more stylish and will be more lush against your skin.

2. Layer your lighting

The lighting you choose to have in your home can have a huge impact on the ambiance of each individual room. As the days get shorter and darkness appears earlier and earlier each day, you will want to turn your attention to lamps rather than harsh overhead lighting.

Aim for creating a layered effect by choosing a variety of different lighting options such as floor lamps, table lamps, and uplighters. Plus, don’t be afraid to opt for more modern and contemporary styles such as geometric designs, especially in focal areas of the home, such as the kitchen.

3. Place pumpkins

Pumpkins do not have to be just for Halloween; they can bring the beautiful outdoor feel of fall into your home. Whether you have grown your own, are opting for shop-bought, or you prefer to purchase pumpkin ornaments, there are so many ways different places you can put pumpkins in your home.

Why not paint a selection of different sized pumpkins and place them on shelves in your kitchen, cover small ones in glitter and put on top of the fireplace, or create your very own pumpkin porch display.

4. Make way for metallics

If you favor more neutral shades in your home and are not quite sure about embracing vibrant fall colors such as rich ruby reds and bold emerald greens, another great option is metallics.

You could add some glamour to your bedroom with a feature wall of shimmery metallic wallpaper, soft rose gold is beautiful for this time of year, or use a few well-placed metal ornaments in copper, bronze, or brass to add warmth and depth to any room in your home.

5. Add stylish shelving

Clutter at any time of the year can make even the most stylish home appear overcrowded and untidy. Therefore, it is crucial that you find creative ways to store your belongings. From upcycling an old ladder into a bookshelf to building reclaimed wood floating shelves, there are literally hundreds of DIY shelving ideas available online.