wooden blinds is open on the window inside the room

A home will never be complete without windows in it. Not only do they help in brightening up the room by allowing the natural light to come in, but they also serve as an additional safety measure in case of smoke, fire, and even intruders.  

While you may have amazing window space, it’ll be ideal if you could add in window treatments to provide privacy. No one likes to be a visual open book where you can allow strangers to peek inside your home and see what’s inside.  

As you choose for the right window treatments, listed below are some ways on how you can use them to spruce up your home:  

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Classic 

As people say, a classic look never goes out of style. If you’d like your home to have a timeless look that’ll match the modern world even if you don’t update it frequently, you may want to opt for roman blinds.  

A roman blind or shade uses a soft fabric that creates a panel of folding when you choose to raise them. In this way, you no longer have to worry about how the folds will go when you want to open them, as the machinery of the blinds already has a standard folding place for them.  

With having a roman blind inside the room, you can fully achieve a classic and traditional look that’ll go with anything. If you’d like to spruce up the room a lot more by mixing traditional and modern, there are roman blinds available that use patterned fabric to add color and life. While it may be standard to use a plain shade of color, going for a different pattern will allow bringing life inside the room while still allowing it to be classic.  

2. Go Bold with Colors 

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more enjoyable and fun, you should consider using bold colors for your window treatment. However, you need to be careful with adding them, as you need to create the perfect balance of colors with your home furniture. 

To make the window treatments pop with your choice of color, you should allow the room only to have at least 20% of the same color. In this way, you’re not making the color an eyesore but rather a complementary color that’ll make the room livelier. 

As you go for bold colors, ensure that it matches well with your home décor and furniture. You can look for companies that can provide custom curtains, or feel free to look for your own fabric and create one. In this way, you can add a more personal touch inside the room and hopefully learn a new skill!  

3. Create Patterns with Roller Shades 

A roller shade is a flat window treatment that goes over the window. For bigger windows, you can usually have a custom roller shade to ensure that it would be able to cover the entire area. However, if you’re not prioritizing privacy since the window faces a non-public area and would like to cover it up for aesthetic purposes, you could try to play with patterns and shapes.  

Instead of going for a single roller shade, you might want to consider adding two or more with varying widths. In this way, you can give an illusion of multiple windows along with creative patterns. Moreover, you’re also allowing for maximum control for your lighting, especially if you only want a little amount of light to peep in inside.  

With having a pattern for your roller shades, you’re allowing the room to have an increased depth as a single one can make the wall look flat and lifeless. In this way, you can create a busy pattern, making it look like the room isn’t dull at all.  

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Colors 

While some people are most comfortable with using a single color for their window treatments, it would be a fantastic idea to mix colors. In this way, not only can you add depth inside the room, but you’re allowing it to look creative and full of life. If your home’s interior is already full of neutral colors, it would be great to add various color options for your window treatment, to avoid it from being too monotonous. 

As you choose to mix colors, ensure that they match and blend well with each other. For a safe option, you can refer to a single color and go for various shades. For example, if you’d like to add beige as the primary color, you can add it with tan and white. Think of it as a more effective gradient yet, complementary to each other.  

If you’d like to be more creative with your color choices, you can refer to the color wheel and see which colors would go well with each other. Just ensure that you bring all colors with you when curtain shopping as different colors have different shades that don’t go well with each other.  

5. Use Multiple Window Treatments 

There might be confusion about which type of window treatment would be the best for you. You may opt to go for blinds since it offers more control with the light direction but would like to use curtains to provide a soft ambiance inside the room. If you’re in this dilemma, you can use it to your advantage be enjoy the best of both worlds.  

You can use multiple window treatments for your home by using both blinds and curtains simultaneously. In this way, you can allow for full light control while having a soft fabric that’ll make the room soothing and relaxing.  

If you’d like to hide the existence of the blind, you should go for light colors such as white or beige or any color that matches your wall. In this way, it can blend easily with the light and allow the focal point to be on your curtains.  

While having both window treatments can be expensive, if you’ll be able to benefit from them, it’ll be worth every penny spent.  


Designing your home can be very difficult, especially if you don’t have an interior designer with you. While you may focus on your furniture and decors, the right window treatment will make your home design a lot better.  

Don’t be afraid to explore your options and mix with other patterns and styles. You can look for inspirations online and find a way to make it unique and be your own kind of style.