In any new home, you’ve got a blank canvas that’s bare, lonesome, and ready to show some personality. New homes experience empty walls in homes across the country.

It can be surprising the amount of wall space left untouched, even in homes where people have lived for decades. It’s even sadder when you see the fantastic range of wall décor available and at affordable costs. You don’t have to be swimming in coins to showcase yourself on a windowless wall through creative wall décor.

As refreshing as the occasional bare wall is, you don’t want every wall to be that way. Add some style and creativity to the walls in your space that have gone a little neglected. Here is the best wall décor that looks great in your home:

1. Books

Books are like music. Even if we aren’t avid appreciators, we all have our tastes. Books make for great home décor pieces. On a bookshelf, you can put books that inspire you, providing a representation of who you are as a person. Using books, you can fill your room with imagery, people, and motivating ideas that get your day started right.

2. Planters

There are some very creative wall planters, either mounted or hanging. These can be easily installed against your wall and be used to store a mix of plants. However, for most wall areas, sunlight is restricted. Be sure to select greenery that doesn’t require large amounts of the sun regularly.

3. Multiple Mirrors

Don’t just add a single mirror to your wall. Try multiple mirrors or multiple pairs in different shape configurations. Play with the design in your home décor. Find a way to move light through the room while captivating guests with an intriguing mirror setup.

4. Storage

Every room, to an extent, needs storage. An empty wall is a great place to put some. A shelf provides a space for you to put books, trinkets, small pieces of artwork, and any other wall-friendly décor. There are also exciting options, such as mounted storage cubes.

5. Signage

Signage is a fun wall décor item to adorn your wall with. Your signage could be a meaningful image or an inspiring phrase. It can also be a sign where you switch out and reorder the letters, depending on what words you want up on your wall at any given time.

6. Vinyl Records

If you are a big music fan, put your best vinyl on display. They can be mounted on shelving, held up with tacks, hooked in a hanger or by a string-like artwork, or in any number of other ways. Records can fill a wall with the sort of iconography that appeals to you and that you identify with, eschewing the typical wholesale home décor pieces that fit most walls.

7. Hook & Hang Décor

Small pieces of décor, fabric or similar materials can safely hang from designated hooks. Somewhat abstract, this is a way to create an entire wall art piece without being restricted to canvas. Hooks are a great décor idea for people who enjoy arts and crafts. If you don’t mind putting some thumbtacks into your wall, you can have so much fun with this idea.

8. Newspaper

Cut out newspaper articles and tape them to your wall to create a large wall collage or multiple small collages. You can do this with print-out photos or magazines as well. The only drawback is that the materials can be challenging to remove from the walls without destroying them. You may want to consider how to conserve your work of art before attaching yourself to the idea.

9. Light Fixtures

You also don’t have to fork over a lot of money for a decent set of fixtures. A collection of pretty, luxurious light fixtures can amp up a room’s appeal. You can combine these with a channel for the cabling. Try matching the track to the color of the wall.

10. Wallpaper

Any sort of wall decals or wallpaper is a unique way to dress up your wall in whatever pattern, imagery, or aesthetic you want. You don’t necessarily need to do a whole room with it, either. A single wall combined with a parallel or opposing wall in complementary colors is more than enough to spruce up space.

11. Candle Holders

A lot of wall décor ideas involve mounting something. Holders are no different. A mounted candle holder is a perfect place to put a classic white candle. It’s a very romantic, warm, and relaxing way to enjoy a bedroom or private space.

12. Printed Material

If you have some embroidered material that’s light and airy, all you need are a few tacks to mount a fabric successfully. Hang it like artwork, displaying it in a prominent space. There are some genuinely stunning fabrics out there. It’s also relatively simple enough to take empty material and stitch your images or words on it.

13. Glueable Art

Gluing art is for the ‘arts and crafts person’ who enjoys a project. You can use any small item to create wall art, such as beads, cheap crystals, small pieces of metal, broken glass, or paint chips. Just about anything you can think of, take it and stick it to your wall. You can start small and then cover as much space as you like.

14. Rope & Fabric

Plain rope. Painted rope. Thread. Torn fabrics. You can hang these items like drapery on walls and create something unique to your home. A refined approach if you have multiple bedrooms, you can assign a different color to each bedroom, adorning each with draped materials like rope or fabrics.