There are lots of great things about the warm summer months. We get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, swimming in pools, and spending time on the beach. It’s a time for vacations, BBQs, and making long-lasting memories with friends and family.

But, it is also a time for uncomfortably hot weather, which results in high energy bills.

Most Americans tend to use more energy during the summer months than any other time of the year. This can lead to dramatically expensive utility bills – not to mention the negative impact it can have on the environment.

In order to cut these costs and make your home cool, comfortable, AND eco-friendly, here are six easy ways to improve your energy efficiency during the summertime.

1. Rent an Energy Star Rated Central AC

Most of the energy usage over the summer comes from running an AC unit. Older systems are less efficient and effective, meaning that they use up more energy with a lower output. One of the easiest and best ways to improve energy efficiency is by using an Energy Star Rated unit that is designed to use less power. However, getting a new AC system installed can be quite an investment.
Rent an Energy Star Rated Central AC
In order to improve the energy efficiency of your cooling system without making a huge dent in your wallet, consider renting an Energy Star rated central unit from an Air Conditioning Provider. This will allow you to keep an energy efficient unit running in your home only when you need it during the summer.

2. Seal Up Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can let lots of air seep through, even when they are closed. If you are using an AC unit, this means that some of this precious cold air is constantly escaping. As a result, your system has to work even harder to regulate the temperature. Be sure that all of your windows and door frames are tightly air sealed to prevent this from happening.

Another pro tip to keep your home cool is to simply close the blinds and curtains during direct sunlight hours. Glass lets in a lot of hot air. You want to deflect the sun’s rays outside of your home to keep it cooler on the inside. You may also want to consider purchasing solar blinds that let some sun shine through while absorbing the extra heat.
Seal Up Windows and Doors

3. Switch Your Ceiling Fan Direction

Running ceiling fans is a great way to keep the air flowing, but there is a trick when it comes to the direction of the fan.

During the summer, you want it to be at a high speed in a counter clockwise position to push down cooler air. Most ceiling fans have a switch on the base that determines whether it pushes air down or suctions it up, so be sure to adjust it during the summer months.

4. Move Electronics Away from AC Thermostat

TVs, computers, video game consoles, and other electronics give off a lot of heat while they are in use. This can mess with the thermostat regulator for a central AC unit, causing it to output extra energy. Turn these devices off when they aren’t in use and be sure to keep them away from your thermostat so that it has a more accurate reading.

5. Consider Air Drying

Consider Air Drying
Take notes from your grandmother and hang up the laundry to dry outside during the summer months. Dryers also give off a lot of heat and use up a lot of energy; line drying is a super energy efficient method that will do more than just save money on your electricity bill.

6. Use the Grill

Summer time and BBQs go hand-in-hand. But grilling out isn’t just something to do for fun with the family. It’s also a super energy efficient option to keep your house cooler. Stoves and ovens give off a lot of heat, so take the cooking outside when you can to keep your kitchen cool and comfortable.
Use the Grill


An energy efficient home during the summer offers lots of great benefits. Not only will your house be cooler and more comfortable, you can also save lots of money in utilities and help the plant. That’s really a win-win-win!

Author’s Bio:

Amy McConaghy is Reliance Home Comfort’s Digital Marketing Specialist, managing the editorial, video and visual content creation for all digital platforms. Amy’s writing is focused on bringing energy and money saving tips to Canadians and answering homeowners questions about all their home comfort needs. You can find Amy on LinkedIn.