When renovating your home, you may want to consider incorporating these security solution ideas to make your house more secure. Click here to learn more.

Did you know that in 2017, a property crime occurred every 4 seconds in the United States?That’s almost 15 property crimes in one minute!

In total, there were almost 7.7 million property crime offenses that took place that year. 71.7% of these crimes were larceny-thefts, while 18.2% were burglaries. The rest were theft of motor vehicles.

Granted, the 2017 crime rate shows a 3% decrease from the year before. 7.7 million is still shockingly high though, and it’s a number that should prompt you to make your home more secure.

The good news is, there are security solution ideas you can work into a home renovation project. They won’t cost you an arm and leg, but they can protect your assets that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ready to make your home a safer, more secure haven for the entire fam? Then let’s get this list of top home security solutions started!

Upgrade Your Doorknobs

Upgrade Your Doorknobs
Believe it or not, burglars enter their victims’ homes the same way their victims do – through the front door. Over a third of these criminals use the front door to gain access to a house.

Make it more difficult for lawbreakers to get into your home by installing a solid-core door. If your doors are still new and in good condition, buff them up with heavier-duty locks. You should also consider adding a key fob to each of your doors.

You should look into getting a door barricade, which makes it even more difficult to open a door. Some barricades latch onto the floor, which allows them to withstand tremendous force.

Replace Damaged Windows

Windows are burglars’ second choice when it comes to points of entry. As such, include replacing faulty or broken windows in your home renovation project. Damaged windows are easier to open from the outside, especially if their locks no longer work.

Aside from helping you secure your home, new windows can also help you bring your energy bills down. Be sure to invest in Energy Star windows though, to enjoy up to 12% savings on your energy bills.

Add Window Security Screens

Get security screens for your windows for an extra layer of protection. Sliding mesh screens can also help keep bugs, insects, and debris outside.
Add Window Security Screens
Moreover, the small openings in the mesh can help keep your home ventilated. Air can still enter and exit through the screen’s tiny gaps.

Install Window Sensors

You may also want to get security sensors for your windows. These devices detect movement in the windows they’re installed on.

Let’s say someone tries to open a window in your home which has an engaged sensor. This “movement” causes the sensor’s magnet to pull away from its switch component. This triggers the sensor’s circuit, which then sends a signal to the main control panel.

As soon as the security control panel receives the signal, it will sound an alarm. Depending on the system you have, it may also send you an alert or notification.

Window sensors are inexpensive, with their prices ranging from $15 to $60 apiece. Be sure to shop around though, as the best providers offer them in money-saving bundles. You can start by checking out these different packages that can fit any budget.

Put Up Security Cameras

Put Up Security Cameras
In one study, 8 in 10 burglars said they would first check a home for signs of an alarm system. Half of these criminals also said that they will discontinue if they see an alarm.

As such, the sight of residential security cameras alone can already discourage burglars. After all, these lawbreakers wouldn’t want their faces captured and recorded on camera.

Even if they do proceed, CCTVs can make it easier for the police to find these culprits. Also, if your security camera system allows for remote monitoring, then you can catch them in the act. For ultimate protection, consider a professionally-monitored surveillance system.

Invest in a Gate and Fencing System

A high fence not only increases curb appeal — it also boosts the security and privacy of your home. You can worry less about peeping toms and burglars strolling onto your property. You’ll even find soundproof fences today that can keep street noise to a minimum.

A gate and fence are also must-haves for families with toddlers and pets. These can help keep your kids and furred family members from venturing into the busy street. Of course, they can also help keep Fido from straying on to your neighbor’s garden and causing havoc there.

Make It Seem That Someone’s Home with a Timed Lighting System

Indoor light timers give your home an “occupied” vibe as they switch on and off based on the settings you choose. For instance, during the day when no one’s home, you can set them to turn on and off at random times. This will make it seem like someone’s home, and thus, discourage potential burglars.

Get Some Outdoor Motion Detectors

Get Some Outdoor Motion Detectors
Motion detectors, also called motion sensors, detect movement that should otherwise not occur. They’re much like window sensors wherein a “sensed” activity triggers the device.

From there, the detector or sensor will notify the main control panel. This will cause the control panel to sound out the alarm.

Some motion sensors can also detect heat. Some also flood the area where the device sensed the movement with light. Either way, they can pick up activity at your home that’s supposed to be vacant.

Incorporate these Security Solution Ideas into Your Renovation Project

Keep in mind that in 2017, burglaries resulted in an average dollar loss of $2,416 per victim. Whereas a comprehensive home security system can cost only a fraction of that.

Plus, security technologies also preserve your home’s sanctity. Most importantly, they can keep your loved ones safe and secure from potential harm.

So, make these security solution ideas a top priority of your home renovation project. The more of these ideas you use, the safer and more secure your family and valuables will be.