Have you ever needed an emergency service but didn’t know who to call, and then paid a hefty price for emergency service? That experience probably taught you to be more prepared. Having the contact details of the necessary experts on hand can ensure that you are never stuck when unexpected maintenance work arises.

Consider printing out the contact details and keeping them somewhere accessible for easy reference. Everyone in your home should know where to find them. Here are some of the most critical contacts to keep.

An Emergency Electrician

Emergency electrician services handle cases where the power is out, or is inconsistent. Some electrical issues can lead to property damage due to a lack of energy for prolonged periods. An emergency electrician can:

  • Repair faulty wiring
  • Install exterior and interior lighting
  • Fix exposed live wires
  • Replace faulty power outlets
  • Inspect your home for safety issues, such as damaged walls or floors due to electrical overloads

It pays to consult different service providers, then settle for one you’re assured offers quick, dependable, professional and affordable service.

An Emergency Plumber

Taps that continue leaking or feel loose can be a hassle, as can faulty flush mechanisms and broken pipes. These issues should not wait for regular plumbing services, the best option is to work with a reliable emergency plumber. Call them when:

  • You have a leak or burst pipe
  • The toilets are not flushing properly
  • You have low water pressure
  • The tap water temperature is too high or low
  • There’s a blockage in the plumbing system
  • The toilets have backed up

A Home Warranty Company

If you’re a new homeowner, you require the contact details of your home warranty company to fix general issues in newly constructed homes. You’ll find that it’s always better to call a home warranty company than attempt to do the repairs yourself. Some of the things the company can help you fix are:

  • Electrical problems
  • Plumbing issues
  • Mechanical failures
  • Damage to the house

Home Security Company

Call your home security company to upgrade your home’s security or install new services. Most companies are open 24/7, so you can contact them no matter the time of day or night. You can also call them when:

  • There’s been a break-in or an attempt
  • There is a malfunctioning security system in your home
  • Broken or faulty locks that need fixing
  • Doors or windows that need repair

A Pest Control Expert

Pests in your home can be more than just annoying. They can cause serious health hazards and structural damage to your property. You can call a pest control company when:

  • You see an infestation of cockroaches or rodents
  • You have a termite infestation or another pest problem you feel is serious enough to need emergency services
  • You notice wood-destroying fungi, such as dry rot
  • Rats are gnawing on wires or other parts of the house
  • You suspect or discover dangerous pests such as snakes, scorpions or spiders

A Handyman

There will be times when you come across repair issues that require immediate attention. Or, you may want to alter some fixtures or designs to accommodate your changing needs. Handling some of the work independently might be more affordable, but it’s better to hire a reliable and experienced handyperson who takes care of other odd jobs such as:

  • Repairing loose door knobs
  • Fixing squeaky doors
  • Installing shelves or storage cupboards
  • Fixing broken window panes
  • Repairing damage to walls
  • Replacing broken porch steps and railings

If you do not know anyone who can help you, your home warranty company can contact a reliable handyperson on your behalf.

You’ll Have Peace of Mind With Emergency Contact Details

When facing a home problem, you’ll feel better knowing you know who to call for help. Some emergencies, such as electrical faults, can lead to fires if they aren’t handled promptly. Having the right contacts on hand means you’ll get help quickly to keep damage and injuries to a minimum. Update the contact list regularly to keep it current. And remember, carrying out regular home maintenance keeps emergencies to a minimum.