Did you know some bulk foods cost 89 percent less compared to prepackaged foods? Organize your pantry so you can start buying in bulk.

Are you looking for new food storage ideas? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over creative storage solutions.

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1. Make Use of Pantry Space

If you organize the space you already have, you might find you have more room to store food.

Consider picking up standardized food containers. You can put all dry goods into containers that are the same size and shape. You won’t waste space with these kinds of containers.

A lot of the time, different shaped boxes and packaging can take up too much room.
Make Use of Pantry Space
You could also try using Mason jars. The only thing is, the jars don’t have as much space to store massive quantities of food.

Organize your pantry according to the food you have. One shelf can have sugar, flour, and extras like chocolate chips. Another shelf, try storing bottles of vinegar and oils. Set space aside for pasta and rice, as well as cereals.

If you love wine and collect different types, try an under counter wine fridge.

2. Install Shelving Units

Have you already finished the first step but still have a ton of extra food? Your next option is to try and add more shelves.

Look online or go to thrift stores to pick up wooden or metal shelves. This way, you can make the most of the space in your kitchen.

3. Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

There is room above your kitchen cabinets near the ceiling. You can hide food from view but also protect it from falling.
Space Above Kitchen Cabinets
For special goodies or treats, you want to save, place them above the kitchen cabinet. Tell your family that those food items are off-limits.

4. What About Closets?

If you have spare closets, consider transforming them into another pantry. You can place your extra jellies or pickles there. Don’t put it in the back of the closet because it’s easy to forget about those items.

5. Convert Dressers and Wardrobes

Like a closet, you can use dressers or wardrobes for food storage. Make sure the food containers aren’t too tall; otherwise, they won’t fit in the drawers. Put items like extra rice, pasta, or cereal in this storage space.
Convert Dressers and Wardrobes

6. Buffets and Dining Room Hutches

Use these pieces of furniture to store shelf-stable food items. Choose to display your food or hide it, depending on the furniture item. A dining room buffet with glass doors is an excellent choice to show off homemade canned goods.

Now You Have New Food Storage Ideas

We hope you found this guide on food storage helpful. Use these food storage ideas to transform your existing space. Install new shelves if you need more room.

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