Having a smart home would require you purchasing components such as sensors, smart bulbs, security cameras, etc. that can allow for communication across these devices through your smartphone. As much as these can be costly to set up, it very much depends on how complex you want it to be. If you are looking for a simple solution, you could opt for inexpensive devices that still serve the purpose. The process of converting an old home to a smart home can seem daunting, but I’ve found a list that can help you take on the challenge with a list of apps that can help you do just that.

Top Apps to Turn an Old Home into a Smart Home

Let’s explore the steps that one needs to take in order to make this conversion as simple as possible.

Begin by converting individual rooms

To make the conversion process goes smooth, you could begin with a smart home DIY guide that gives you a step by step instruction on how to get started. It will also make it easier and cost-effective if you have a well laid out plan to understand how to get around turning your room into a smart room. Taking these simple steps can help you determine the requirements for the entire house.
Begin by converting individual rooms
It will also help identify the smart home products that need to be compatible with each other and thereby create a solid foundation to eventually expand. The key is to find out which smart home products can work independently of a smart home hub for it to operate. Once these are set in place, you need to ensure you have a good working WiFi router that can seamlessly communicate signals across various devices.

Purchasing smart devices based on your requirements

Once you’ve laid the foundation for the rooms, you would have essentially set the foundation for scaling across your entire home. At this stage, it is important that you make a list of the best smart home devices that you would potentially need based on your requirements. Lately, there have been many devices claim to be multipurpose and one of them is Amazon’s Alexa. If you are wondering how to make your home a smart home with Alexa, you could simply purchase their device and install their mobile app to control the device remotely once everything is connected. For example, this could include switching on/off lights remotely or controlling the room temperature with a smart thermostat installed.

Explore the inventions to making your home even smarter

Smart homes are trending and it’s only just the beginning. More innovative solutions are being explored in the industry which has been coined as the “Internet of Things” or IoT for short. There are new home electronic ideas that are pitched to investors at a growing rate indicating that there is potential for making your homes even smarter. With apps such as August Home, you don’t have to be carrying around your keys anymore as you could simply unlock your home with your device.
Explore the inventions to making your home even smarter
Not only does this enhance your security but it provides a good indication that things are headed towards inventions that make chores easier. These could include an indication for when clothes require washing which would then automatically contact the designated launderers.


Though the concept of a smart home retrofit is still in its infancy, as more continuous developments take place, the costs would go down and eventually, the adoption rate would be much higher. One should note that this is just the beginning and there could potentially come to a point where all electronics would be able to seamlessly integrate and communicate with each other.