Protecting your home from a burglary requires one to take up a few good habits and instill them in all members of the household.

In this post we will give you some tips and discuss how one can protect themselves and their loved ones from unwanted burglaries. We can install security devices on the property and improve security with a reinforced door, better locks, an alarm system, a remote monitoring service or a surveillance camera.

To think about the security of one’s home and avoid exposing oneself to burglaries — it is vital that one understands the factors that attract burglars.

A burglary occurs about every 18 seconds in the United States — that is around 200 every hour and 4,800 every day.

But what are burglars looking for when they explore a neighborhood and pick a target?

They usually want to find a home that is easy to break in and hopefully empty. Having a reliable house alarm is always a good idea and should be the number one priority on your list. We checked out locksmith Woodland Hills and got some good insight on securing your home and workplace. You know what they say, a safe home is a happy home..

Here are our tips to secure your home, read on

Good Relations With Your Neighbors

Good Relations With Your Neighbors
To protect yourself and your family and avoid burglary attempts at your home, having good relations with the people in your neighborhood will always be a plus.

This is an inexpensive anti-burglary tip and has proven to be quite effective! You can ask your neighbors to keep a watchful eye when you and your family is away.

It is an exchange of good practices: Your neighbors watch over your house in your absence and you do the same when they are not around.

If a suspicious individual rode around your house your neighbors can warn you or even call the police if you are not around!

Many burglary attempts can be avoided with a timely intervention from your neighbors. If they are brave enough— they can jump in and try to scare the burglar off — although we would not recommend doing that!

Turn Your Cell Phone into a Connected Camera

Turn Your Cell Phone into a Connected Camera
A good tip to secure your home quickly and easily is to create your own connected camera system. To do this: simply get a hold of an old cell phone and watch one of the numerous DIY tutorial videos on YouTube.

The advantage: It is completely free, since it does not cost anything, to get your old smartphone and download an application that does not require any subscription.

Applications such as IP Webcam can be used. For your smartphone, you will have to connect it to Wi-Fi and then to a power source in case any power cuts occur or your phone battery dies.

Make It Difficult

If you live in an apartment, putting in a strong door will discourage almost all burglars. It is always better to be safe than sorry so one should take the necessary steps to secure themselves.

Indeed, to avoid burglary, there is nothing better than to make it complicated or impossible to enter your house. When the burglar understands that he is wasting time trying to enter your house or apartment he/she will simply go away.

If you live in a house it could be a little different. In a house, unlike an apartment, there is not a single door. If the thief fails to break in through the front door he will try the garage door or the bay windows at the back of the housing.

What’s the point of investing in a security door and super-secure locks if the back door opens with a kick?

Give Your House a Stuffed Feel

Give Your House a Stuffed Feel
Few burglars dare to enter dwellings they think are occupied. The best technique to deter a burglar, therefore, is to make your house appear full of people.

For that, let your imagination do the work! When you go on a run for a short time, leave the lights on, sometimes the music, or the garage door wide open. This last tip is a bit risky because if you leave your house open and there is no break-in point your insurer will not cover the theft.

Make Your Home an Impregnable Fortress

If the burglar thinks it is too complicated to enter your home he will not attempt to break in. You can install different security systems such as alarms, video-surveillance, cameras, motion detectors etc. to make it difficult for unwanted visitors to break in.

These systems will alert you in case of any intrusions — hopefully. And they might scare away burglars who break into your home. Thanks to CCTV systems, recordings of crimes can hold up in court in your attempt to seek justice in court.

Turn the Alarm On & Hide Away Your Keys

Imagine the shock: You invested in an expensive alarm system and when you return home from work you find out that your home has been burglarized and all your belongings are scattered on the ground.

To avoid such unwanted situations. One should realize that the duration of burglary remains between 90 seconds and 12 minutes and that the mere fact of seeing you leave your home can tempt even opportunistic thieves to rob your home.