Spiders are always within the vicinity as long as other insects and bugs move towards the light. Next time you are wooing insects for fun, make sure you are not inviting spiders unknowingly. Something as simple as a housefly can attract spiders to your home.

Cleaning is not enough to get rid of insects or spiders. You need to know some approaches that will help keep you free from such pests.

Here are practical tips for safer pest control.

1. Eliminate solitary spiders

Eliminate solitary spiders

You can kill a lone spider using a vacuum cleaner. Maintain the home cleanliness persistently using a vacuum, as you will be dealing with all manner of insects, bugs, and spiders. Your target areas should be inside the store, garage, and basement.

Cleaning using the vacuum sucks all the spider eggs destroying them. Therefore, the problem of how to get rid of solitary spiders is solved.

2. Exterminate the spiders within your property

Using a spider catcher or covering the home spider sounds like fun. Let us hope you do not bump on the one that bites. The method is not effective because everyone fears spiders, and you may not want to deal with them directly.

Use a comfortable container that can trap the spiders inside and dispose of it somewhere else. Disposal reduces the risks of the spider biting you.

3. Spider Proof your property

Spiders are master crawlers because of their small sizes. You will see them fit inside a tiny crack. Use sticky traps in all visible and hidden crevices. Those trapped inside will die eventually, and those trying to come in cannot find an open gap.

4. Create a spider barrier around your house

Create a spider barrier

Spiders outside your home are either hiding in a garage or store. Use insecticides and pesticides to keep them away from your house.

Insecticides should be applied frequently to be more effective. It would be better if you had one with lasting effects to fight the longest surviving spider in the garage or storeroom.

5. DIY or call an expert?

Just like any other pest infestation, spiders can turn out to be a nuisance if the infestation isn’t handled on time. Many people still believe that DIY pest control can save them money. However, improper spider extermination and pest control are disastrous. So, consult the local spider control team for the best advice, or call them to finish the spider for you. The use of repellent will definitely fail on spiders because they have a poor sense of smell.

6. Kill a spider using spider dust

Dust offers the simplest way of killing spiders. Sprinkle enough dust on the affected area, and you will see dead or dying spiders in a while. The spider dust is poisonous, cover your hands using gloves and keep it away from food or edibles.

Getting rid of insects and spiders from your house is a challenge, but after reading this article, not anymore. How do control spiders at home, if you have a different method kindly share with our viewers in the comment section below.