Have you considered living in a house with rooms modified into extravagant living spaces?

Have you considered refurbishing your apartment into a luxury apartment? Have you grown tired of your old home planning? Do you want some exciting changes to your kitchen space?

The answer to all these questions is developing a brand new, expensive-looking place for your apartment i.e., a modular kitchen.

A modular kitchen is a kitchen layout in which kitchen space is laid out in a well-organized and planned manner with cabinets and appliances in a systematic and accessible area. The diversity in the arrangement allows fair and maximum usage of space to the owner’s best abilities. All the separate parts and utilities are fitted together to make one whole unit that makes an attractive kitchen design that will help you in making food easily.

However, a modular kitchen does not build itself. The few requirements of a modular kitchen are needed to be known. They are given below.

Requirements For A Modular Kitchen

Requirements For A Modular Kitchen

It is evident that to design space; the elements should be taken into consideration.

Similarly, for a modular kitchen, there are a few. They are given below.

  • The total space and the carpet area should be kept in mind while designing or planning the space. Kitchens constructed to fit a building need to be assembled according to the space provided.
  • The needs of the family members. This included the number of family members, which predicts the amount of movement in the house.
  • The work station depending on how much the kitchen is used in that particular household.
  • The appliances need to be bought separately by the client or can be sold as a unit by the modular kitchen service provider. In the second case, there are tie-ups or connections between the service provider and electronic company wholesalers who sell them the electronic goods at a lesser cost.

How Are Modular Kitchens Built?

Modular kitchens are basically previously built units that, in it, are composed of smaller groups that make a kitchen whole. They are all fitted tightly inside a kitchen space and connect themselves to the necessary utilities outside the kitchen.

The usual process of building a modular kitchen takes place outside the area provided by the client. The parts are assembled like a jigsaw puzzle off-site and re-arranged in the original space at the final moment.

Categories And Grades Of Modular Kitchen

Categories And Grades Of Modular Kitchen

The deciding parameters of the category of the modular kitchen include:

  • Materials used in the modular kitchen and their quality
  • Finish and touch-ups
  • Accessories included which entails electronic goods
  • Hardware inputs and installations

Based on the mentioned parameters, a modular kitchen can be graded into a few categories. These categories include:

  1. Base modular kitchen
  2. Mid modular kitchen
  3. High modular kitchen

The Base range of modular kitchen is an affordable option. It uses MDF, HDF, and particle boards. Pre lamination and board are used for the facia, while some of the accessories include stainless steel cutlery, plate holders, cabinets, etc.

The Mid-range of modular kitchen is a popular option at an affordable modular kitchen price. People often opt for this as it restores the sleek look at a reasonable budget.

Designers use commercial plywood or BWR. The lamination applied is matt or high gloss. Apart from cutlery sets and plate holders, pull-outs are used. Brands such as Hettich, Blum, etc. are used.

The high range of modular kitchens uses solid teak wood for all the furnishings involved.

Lamination is done using high gloss, polishes, and veneers. The accessories include cutlery sets, pull-outs, corner units, and appliances. All the items installed are of top quality brands.

Should You Opt For A Modular Kitchen Or Not?

Should You Opt For A Modular Kitchen Or Not

This is an essential question as a lot of people want to renovate their kitchen spaces but do not know whether to invest in a modular kitchen or redo it simply. They expect the entire affair to be costly and thus stray away from it. However, modular kitchens can be cost-effective.

They are functional and make sure space is used to its maximum utility by arranging cabinets, appliances, and workstations in smart compartments. One can customize it according to their convenience.

Modular kitchens make sure that you do not have to struggle to work at your kitchen.

Management of space is maximum, and it is designed in such a way that the optimization of work is also at its peak.


While making the decision, make sure to consult the best team of modular kitchen experts in the industry. Look into the market well and survey it to know what works the best for you. One of the best ways to get the best result out of the project is to ask acquaintances about their experiences with their modular kitchen service provider.

Modular kitchens are the way forward to next-generation kitchen designing. Make sure you get yours soon.