It’s great to have a place to call home. Somewhere to come home and chill out after a long day of work. Somewhere to invite friends, family and loved ones over to – to eat, drink, share fun times and while away the hours. Yet whether you live in a three-bedroom house or a studio apartment, you need to put in a bit of effort to keep it neat, tidy and feeling fresh. Today we’re going to share six tips to keep a smaller studio apartment feeling fresh and clean.

Sweep and Vacuum

Sweep and Vacuum
Nothing makes a home seem dirtier than a floor covered in dust and debris. If you want to keep a tidy studio apartment, the broom and vacuum cleaner should make a regular appearance on your cleaning roster. Make sure to learn the right way to use a vacuum to lessen the effort in cleaning and be able to maintain your vacuum cleaner. Depending on your floor type, you may need to sweep and vacuum once a week or more often. For example, if you have white tiles they will show dirt more than hardwood flooring or wood-coloured vinyl or laminate. The great thing about vacuuming a studio apartment is that it doesn’t take long.

Wipe Down the Counters

Your kitchen benchtops will get a lot of use as you prepare meals and make tea and coffee. Even if you take the utmost care while preparing food and drink crumbs are bound to appear. Keep your apartment feeling fresh by wiping down your benchtops, at least once a day.

Consider Storage Solutions

Studio apartments are small spaces and can often seem cramped and cluttered if you don’t get creative with your storage solutions. While you may not have lots of room to work with, there are some things you can do. For example, you could invest in a gas lift bed base, and use that storage space to keep your linen and towels. You could also store your winter wardrobe there during summer, and vice versa.

Invest in Indoor Plants

Invest in Indoor Plants
Having some greenery in your studio apartment will blow a breath of fresh air into your space. House plants look awesome, clean the air and make you feel great. It would be worth doing some research into how to grow houseplants, there is a heap of resources out there, both in print and online.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

A studio apartment will usually have a small bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. Part of keeping a fresh home involves keeping your bathroom sparkling clean. Use bleach, anti-mould products and a scrubbing brush to get rid of soap scum and stop black mould from forming. Another tip is to get an automatic air-freshener dispenser to keep your bathroom smelling great for you and visitors.

Clean as You Go

When you live in a small space it is very important to heap of resources . Throw away scraps as you cook and eat, make your bed each morning, hang up your clothes after getting home, and put things in their proper space. This little step will keep your apartment feeling tidy and fresh.
Clean as You Go

A Cleaning Conclusion

Clean floors will go a long way to making your apartment seem fresh and tidy, as will wiping down the countertops after cooking. Consider clever storage solutions to minimise clutter, and growing indoor plants is always a great idea for smaller homes. Keep your bathroom clean for that fresh feeling, and always clean as you go and put away things in their place. Follow these simple steps and you will feel relaxed in your space as well as being able to take pride in your home.