One important part and place of your home is the garage. Aside from the front door, the garage is where you enter and exit your home on a daily basis. Furthermore, this is where you’ll store your lawnmower and gardening tools, camping stuff, exercise equipment, etc., most of the time.

Regardless of how you utilize your garage, keeping it safe and secure should be your top priority. In fact, if your garage is connected to the living space of your home, safety becomes even more relevant. From the people living inside your home to your valuables, you need to make sure you’re protecting everything.

To make sure that your garage is safe at all times, consider making the following upgrades:

Enhance Your Exterior Lighting

Houses that have poor exterior lighting are more appealing to intruders. With that in mind, keep your entryways well-lit to help keep your garage and entire home safer. Exterior lighting might not be enough to deter trespassers from having any ideas, but this may be enough to spook them and let them know you’re serious about security.

These days, one popular option homeowners get is motion-activated exterior lighting. As in the name, this type of lighting automatically turns on when it detects motion. So from time to time, your lighting may come on when your neighbors’ cats wander past. But it’s a cost-effective option, as well as an effective way to secure your home.

When installing this type of exterior lighting, make sure you position it in key areas around your home and garage perimeter so intruders have no way to deactivate the system in place. The best thing you can do is install the lighting 10 to 12 feet aboveground so no criminal elements can reach it easily.

You should also inspect your exterior lighting yearly to make sure everything’s still in good working order. While you’re paying attention to the exterior of your home, it might not be a bad idea to trim your bushes and hedges a little. This is because overgrown and thick foliage provide an avenue for intruders to access your property under your nose.

Invest In A Smart Garage Door Opener

With a smart garage door opener, you’ll be able to monitor and operate the garage door remotely at the same time. With this upgrade, you’ll get an alert or notification, usually on your phone, when someone is trying to break into your garage.

Additionally, this kind of technology is especially handy when you forget to close your garage after leaving your house. You could easily open or close your door remotely by simply tapping your phone’s screen. Make sure not to overdo it, though. You might end up burning out the motors.

Upgrade Your Old Garage Door

A faded, warped old garage door doesn’t offer much in a tight seal and won’t only negatively affect your curb appeal and the energy efficiency of your home but also poses a security risk.

Any gaps or openings on your rundown garage doors will provide intruders access to your garage and the rest of your house. So to keep your security up, you should upgrade your old garage doors with something modern. Doing so will keep your garage safer and more secure while updating the exterior look of your home.

In particular, you can opt for a steel garage door, since this material is more durable. There are also various custom design choices where you can choose from to add. And suppliers and service providers like Presto Garage & Gutter can help you look for secure and reliable garage doors.

Install Alarms and Security Cameras

Most people show their home’s security system by placing a sign in their yard saying what they’re using. If you’re wondering what this sign means, it tells potential intruders that your property is protected by the system. The security system triggers an alarm to notify local law enforcement. With an alarm system, you deter trespassers as well as an alert yourself when a break-in takes place.

Another upgrade to make your garage safer is installing a garage alarm and security cameras. Many cameras are motion-activated, which means they’ll only start recording when something moves in the area. This works the same as motion-activated lighting, and a security camera will serve as a warning for intruders.

Some systems even have apps, which means you can monitor your home on your phone, 24/7. Not only will you have a recording of break-ins; you’ll also have eyes on your home and keep yourself updated of any suspicious activity within your property.

Protect Your Garage Windows

Unfortunately, some people only keep an eye on their garage doors and overlook the garage windows as one potential entry point. While windows can be a good source of natural lighting for the garage interior, other people could be tempted by your possessions.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to protect your windows. For example, frosting your garage windows is a simple way to allow natural light in the garage and protect everything inside from any wandering eyes. Aside from that, you can add curtains and blinds to block the view of those trying to look inside your garage.

You make sure to always lock the windows, especially before going to bed or when you’re not home. Make sure to treat the windows in your garage like your windows at home.

Add A Security Timer

A garage door security timer is another security feature that would close your garage door automatically when it’s open for a certain period. This comes in handy if you often forget to close the garage door when you come or leave home. With this upgrade, you’ll never need to wonder if you left your garage door wide open.

Final Say

From choosing the right garage door to installing security systems, adding upgrades in your garage is crucial to ensure the safety of your family and your property. By adding the upgrades mentioned here, you can rest easy knowing that you have a more secure and safer garage.