Birch Cabinets vs Maple Cabinets

When it comes to adding or replacing cabinets in the home, birch and maple cabinets are frequently the two most popular options. The cabinets in maple, like the cabinets in birch, have their strengths and weaknesses. The following information will share the pros and cons of both of these materials.

Birch Cabinet


The maple and birch cabinets are both very sturdy and reliable. Birch is a stiff, heavy wood found in the northeastern United States and Canada. Maple is also a sturdy wood, but it is more severe and more rigid than birch. You can find maple in the northeastern United States.

What You Get for Your Money

The cost of materials is always a problem. Birch cabinets can cost up to 80% less than maple cabinets.

Versatility in color

Both are light in color, with the maple taking on a more reddish tone and the bitch appearing more yellowish. You can color both materials, but maple is more versatile, and you can color maple furniture to look more like cherry or walnut.

Wood texture

How wood feels to the touch is often not a deciding factor. If you want something smooth, maple furniture is better than birch as birch is a rougher wood.

Birch Cabinets Overview

Birch is a sturdy hardwood found in abundance throughout the Northeast United States and Canada. It is one of the most common wood types for kitchen cabinets, owing to its affordability and attractiveness. Birch has a straight, consistent grain, though it can occasionally have a wavy or curly pattern. It’s a light color that looks best when left alone. It can, however, be tinted to look like darker woods like mahogany or walnut.

Birch Cabinet

Price – Maple is significantly more expensive than birch. The basic materials alone are up to 80% less expensive. However, because most cabinets include homogeneous plywood, don’t expect the project to be 80 percent less costly than maple.Limited staining options – However, because most cabinets have homogeneous plywood, don’t expect the project to be 80 percent less expensive than maple. Dark stains can give the appearance of being blotchy and uneven.
The wood has a predominantly yellowish tint. During processing, it can turn slightly golden, which makes it more valuable. In structure, it looks like marble, which gives things a special decorative effect.Texture – The texture of birch differs from that of maple. If you want a smooth look and feel, it might not be the best option.
Safe for allergy sufferers.Planning and profiling are complex with this material. The fleecy surface is suitable for grinding only with expensive special equipment.
It does not harm the environment, does not emit odors.
It can easily absorb varnish coatings, stick well, bend when steamed – all these qualities are valuable in producing the most exquisite interior items.

How Much Do Birch Cabinets Cost?

Birch Cabinet

Kitchen cabinet replacement costs are difficult to estimate since they are determined by the size of your kitchen and the style of cabinets you select. In general, new birch cabinets will cost somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000. Stock cabinets from a big box store are on the cheap end of the spectrum, while custom cabinetry is on the higher end.

Maple Cabinets Overview

Maple is comparable to birch in many aspects. It is a hardy wood that may be found in abundance throughout the United States. Maple is also a prevalent variety of wood for kitchen cabinets; it works for contemporary and traditional kitchens.

Maple, like birch, is a light-colored wood that can be tinted to look like darker woods. It’s also recognized for its smooth, delicate grain, which can occasionally be wavy or curly.

Maple Cabinets

Durable – Birch is a lower grade of wood than maple. It’s more resilient and robust, and it’ll endure longer.Price – Maple is substantially more expensive than birch because of its strength and durability.
Easier to stain – When it comes to staining, maple is more flexible. You may avoid blotching by using darker dyes like walnut or mahogany.

How Much Do Maple Cabinets Cost?

Maple Cabinets

You may pay anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 on maple cabinets, depending on the size of your kitchen and the types of cabinets you choose. Stock cabinets fall on the low end of that price range, while custom cabinets fall on the high end.

The project’s total cost will be higher because maple is a stronger wood of a slightly higher grade than birch.